1. Bruce Lee biopic sequel starts filming
  2. 'Saving Grace' will wrap next summer
  3. If we could be Frank, it should still be about the news and not the newsman
  4. 'St. Elmo's Fire' headed to TV
  5. 'Tin Cup' director signs up for 'School'
  6. Reveille adds Italian 'Brother' to family
  7. Overture prepares for 'Your Birthday'
  8. Montecito takes a whack at 'Granny'
  9. Downtown fest sets experimental night
  10. Siegels win Superman ruling
  11. DeLorean biopic lands director
  12. McLachlan to perform at AIDS benefit gala
  13. Carey Mulligan joins 'Wall Street 2'
  14. Hollyshorts picks winners
  15. SPE taps new senior vp for tech
  16. Writers roll up sleeves as voting nears
  17. Late-night booking wars heat up
  18. Kiosks must wait on new WB releases
  19. Comedy Central cancels 'Reno'
  20. Mark Kern returns to Hallmark Channel
  21. Steven Tyler speaks out about accident
  22. Blockbuster hit on all fronts
  23. Reveille picks up rights to Italian drama
  24. Comedy Central cancels 'Reno 911!'
  25. Anna Faris marries in Bali
  26. Bryan Singer to direct 'Battlestar' film
  27. Mike Tyson in denial about daughter's death
  28. Brad Pitt laughs off mayoral push
  29. April Bride -- Film Review
  30. AT&T files FCC complaint against Cablevision
  31. The Search -- Film Review
  32. Grace -- Film Review
  33. Siegels win a round in epic battle for Superman
  34. Ups and downs for media shares
  35. 'Time Traveler,' 'District 9' challenge 'Joe'
  36. Jay Farrar, Ben Gibbard team up for Kerouac
  37. Mariah Carey's 'Memoirs' delayed again
  38. Peas, Mraz tie records on Hot 100
  39. Emmy Wrap: Writer/director contenders
  40. IFC Films jumps into the 'Tank'
  41. 'Rock' and a Hard Place
  42. Cartoon Network picks up two new comedies
  43. Luxury Travel Quarterly
  44. Microsoft prices Zune HD under iPod
  45. Extracurricular activities for the fall fests
  46. Four for the Pour
  47. N.Y. school adds masters in short film
  48. McQuarrie to pen 'Wolverine' sequel
  49. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard -- Film Review
  50. 'Fringe' season 2 art: What's in the hole?
  51. Tokyo Broadcasting System survives first elimination round in lawsuit against ABC's 'Wipeout'
  52. My Fuhrer -- Film Review
  53. Spain inches closer to DTT approval
  54. Letterman repeats match O'Brien originals
  55. Births and weddings for Aug. 13, 2009
  56. Roos, Garcia films premiering at Toronto
  57. Herbert Kloiber takes control of CinemaxX
  58. Character actor John Quade dies
  59. Michael Jackson's glove to be auctioned
  60. Cartoon Net greenlights two shows
  61. 'Shanghai' lacks U.S. release date
  62. Guitar innovator Les Paul dies at 94
  63. Tony Danza eyes Philly teaching gig
  64. Sejin Park tapped by E1 Entertainment
  65. Steady 'Talent' tops Wednesday
  66. Booming Canadian b.o. lifts Cineplex Galaxy
  67. 'South Park' releases unaired pilot
  68. Reliance's Adlabs to raise $125 mil
  69. Ads pulled from Fox News' 'Glenn Beck'
  70. California pays to lure filmmakers back
  71. Limbaugh, Rove to guest on 'Family Guy'
  72. Sky Deutschland books massive losses in Q2
  73. Polish media group TVN appoints new CEO
  74. Court slaps ban on some Microsoft Word sales
  75. Weinsteins want autumn 'Shanghai' release
  76. Annaud to direct 'Wolf Totem' in China