1. Tom Sherak elected Academy president
  2. 'Slumdog' leads soundtrack noms
  3. Judges picked for Goldwyn writing nod
  4. Extract -- Film Review
  5. Three NBC dramas add regulars
  6. ABC makes a 'Hotel' reservation
  7. Jaime King celebrates 'Mother's Day'
  8. Jon Hamm gets 'Sucker' punched
  9. Showtime sets AFL doc series
  10. Greens' bribery trial delayed
  11. 'Outland' remake in the works
  12. PS3 price cut can only be consoling
  13. SAG, AMPTP in animation pacts
  14. Paris Hilton won't owe $8.3 mil over 'Pledge'
  15. 'Twilight' goes on tour
  16. Julia's Disappearance -- Film Review
  17. Univision ads going steady
  18. Deauville adds films to lineup
  19. Study: TV station revenue will rebound
  20. Miley Cyrus' stalker hearing postponed
  21. Pearl Jam offering ticket, album bundles
  22. Phyllis Yaffe named to Lionsgate board
  23. Overheard -- Film Review
  24. Fifty Dead Men Walking -- Film Review
  25. Leaving -- Film Review
  26. Ben Stiller featured in Smithsonian video
  27. Stephen Stills goes archival for fall albums
  28. Richard Hatch arrested again (for talking to NBC?)
  29. Rappers Joe Budden, Saigon set releases
  30. Apple looks into exploding iPhones
  31. Shania Twain assigned 'Idol' duty
  32. 'The Beatles: Rock Band' songs unveiled
  33. Emmy Wrap: Final Cut
  34. Blockbuster to offer movies on Motorolas
  35. PlayStation 3 slims down in size, price
  36. Q&A: Michael Moore
  37. Richard Hatch claims discrimination
  38. Celine Dion pregnant for second time
  39. Smashing Pumpkins replace drummer
  40. Kong joins Annaud for 'Wolf Totem'
  41. Grown-ups allowed
  42. Michael Jackson burial set for Aug. 29
  43. Funny men
  44. A night for Magic
  45. Jordin Sparks joins Britney Spears tour
  46. Team Seymour
  47. Chungmuro fest opens with 'New York'
  48. 'Il Postino' star to host Venice ceremonies
  49. Tom Ford's 'Single Man' vies for Queer Lion
  50. L.A. Irish Film Fest sets premieres
  51. Guo Xiaolu doc booked for Toronto
  52. India boxoffice shrugs off swine flu
  53. Don Imus in talks with Fox Business Network
  54. Robert Novak dies at 78
  55. Gainsbourg sits in 'The Tree'
  56. Harry Sloan out as CEO of MGM
  57. Lawsuit filed over fund for 'Terminator' rights
  58. Death Row Records moves into movie biz
  59. A&E's 'Hoarders' sets ratings record
  60. Reliance sells Bollywood into China, Korea
  61. Film Independent selects 8 projects
  62. Christoph Waltz says 'Nein' to cop series
  63. Oliver Stone revealing 'Secret History of America'
  64. Canadian bid for FreeHD service
  65. Twisted 'Jay Leno Show' theater ad
  66. Moritz Bleibtreu to play devil of a role
  67. Thai ratings system takes effect
  68. Redbox can pursue antitrust claims against Universal
  69. Ustream, Roy Jones Jr duke it out over boxing video
  70. MTV appoints Huang Ming SVP, GM
  71. San Sebastian unveils Latin Horizons lineup
  72. Ghent fest names soundtrack award nominees
  73. Abbas Kiarostami's 'Copy' banned in Iran
  74. BAFTA, IFC to honor Monty Python team
  75. Another you-know-what for 'True Blood'
  76. News Corp. confirms STAR TV breakup
  77. Venice sidebar competition named after Kezich
  78. 9 -- Film Review