1. CFG moves closer to IPO
  2. Thailand may pursue BKKIFF charges
  3. Zach Galifianakis eyes 'Funny Story'
  4. 'Waverly' star joins 'Weapon' adaptation
  5. Scribes tapped for 'Bosses'
  6. Ron Howard lands project at Fox
  7. Arianna Huffington sets ABC TV series
  8. Hollywood personal assistant dies in accident
  9. Shawn Levy is new man of 'Steel'
  10. DVRs dominate talk at confab
  11. Imax books 'Spider-Man 4' for 2011
  12. 'Man on Wire' opens Academy series
  13. Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags -- Film Review
  14. Juan Gabriel named Person of Year
  15. Balibo -- Film Review
  16. Mother and Child -- Film Review
  17. Weinstein Co., Vivendi in video deal
  18. Delayed delivery focus of digital summit
  19. Huffington sells political comedy to ABC
  20. My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? -- Film Review
  21. SAG camps take sides over benefits changes
  22. Blockbuster considers closing 960 stores
  23. TV producer George Eckstein dies
  24. Coldplay, Satriani copyright lawsuit dropped
  25. Jeremy Piven hires Marty Singer to stop 'Piven Monologues' play
  26. Jan de Bont sues for $1.25 million over pay-or-play snub
  27. The Fray sues manager over copyrights
  28. Coldplay settles with Joe Satriani over 'Viva La Vida' tune
  29. Bananas!* documentary filmmaker fires back at Dole
  30. 'Goats' in Toronto
  31. 'Whip' it good
  32. Manning up
  33. Obama Kanye tweet sparks new controversy
  34. Not so boring
  35. Kathryn Joosten's cancer is back
  36. Today in Courtney Love legal news...
  37. Veoh wins copyright case, YouTube's lawyers cheer
  38. Q&A: Lu Chuan
  39. THR review: NBC's 'Community'
  40. Down for Life -- Film Review
  41. Obama to appear on Letterman
  42. 'True Blood' ends season on high note
  43. Yet another 'Mad Men' parody (video)
  44. Community -- TV Review
  45. Obama to appear on 'Letterman'
  46. Alex Kostich promoted at SPRI
  47. Universal reveals details of Harry Potter park
  48. Abu Dhabi fest sets world premieres
  49. Eddie Izzard finishes 1,100-mile run
  50. Solitary Man -- Film Review
  51. French assembly adopts anti-piracy bill
  52. The Beautiful Life -- TV Review
  53. Lily Allen speaks out against file-sharing
  54. Billboard Korea launching via partnership
  55. Kanye West calls Swift to apologize
  56. Q&A: Neil Jordan
  57. Zune refocuses with HD, movie rentals
  58. Weinstein takes rights to 'A Single Man'
  59. Evokative takes rights to 'Deliver Us From Evil'
  60. Finance firm up and running
  61. IFC picks up 'Valhalla Rising'
  62. Betty White to receive SAG lifetime award
  63. Former Dubai fest CEO serves legal papers
  64. Lionsgate shareholder vote goes smoothly
  65. Mechanic to give indie prod'n confab keynote
  66. U.K. TV confab to address sector in turmoil
  67. Second Democracy Video Challenge launched
  68. Rupert Murdoch sees improving ad trends
  69. Vivendi may offload its 20% stake in NBCU
  70. Jeff Zucker applauds Leno 10 p.m. debut
  71. Jane Fonda about-face on Toronto protest
  72. TW Cable downplays merger with Comcast
  73. ABC's 'Eastwick'
  74. 'Bad Lieutenant' to open Bangkok fest
  75. Best & Worst Fall TV Ads Graded
  76. Modest debut for 'One Tree;' 'Gossip' solid
  77. U.K. watchdog lets BT sell bundled services
  78. 'Jay Leno Show' premiere gets strong start
  79. 212 films submitted for APSA