1. 'Pregnancy Pact' weds pair, Lifetime
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  15. Hairstylist Susan Carol Schwary dies
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  17. Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon at it again
  18. 61st Primetime Emmys
  19. Documentary Film Institute changes campuses
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  50. Calle 13 leads noms for Latin Grammys
  51. The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers -- Film Review
  52. 'Tron: Legacy' going day-and-date in Imax
  53. CRTC to hold new carriage fee hearings
  54. CBS bringing back MMA fighting
  55. 'Happy End' for Montreal fest
  56. Calling all massive multiplayer online lawyers
  57. Beyonce perfume smells like litigation
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  62. Twitter funding would value it at $1 bil
  63. Talent, movies to sparkle at San Sebastian
  64. Elisabeth Murdoch, Joanna Shields team up
  65. Audiard's 'Prophet' to rep France at Oscars
  66. Canadian b'casters rebalance in tough times
  67. Arab filmmakers rattle Toronto fest cage
  68. Comedy Central revives American Comedy Awards
  69. TiVo ready for NZ rollout
  70. Japan Digital Contents Trust license revoked
  71. 'Got Talent' ends strong; Leno steady
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  73. NFL kicks off China broadcasts