1. ABC picks up 'Friends With Benefits'
  2. Vincent D'Onofrio exiting 'Criminal Intent'
  3. Gold Circle shows 'Mercy'
  4. 'Star' remake has legs
  5. 'Trauma' promos mine radio drama
  6. 'Hawthorne' shifts change for twosome
  7. Jerry Bruckheimer has new ABC project
  8. SAG elects Ken Howard president
  9. Married scribes' pics to square off
  10. 'Fame,' 'Surrogates' eye boxoffice win
  11. Fox picks up 'Sky Jockeys'
  12. Overseas hits cross borders
  13. Lindsay Lohan to host concerts in Singapore
  14. AMC taps Susie Fitzgerald
  15. Jessica Biel joins climb to Kilimanjaro
  16. Leonard Cohen performs in Israel
  17. NWR/Cologne
  18. Dream team
  19. Playing to win
  20. Eclectic company
  21. 'Inglourious Basterds' to open Morelia fest
  22. AFI winners revealed in December
  23. Pearl Jam poised to top albums chart
  24. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell -- Film Review
  25. Taylor Swift climbs Hot 100 charts
  26. 'Community' rap: 'La biblioteca' (video)
  27. Jeremy Hunt warns on BBC governance
  28. Austin City Limits sets new season
  29. Someone Like You -- Film Review
  30. Medea -- Theater Review
  31. Lord Save Us From Your Followers -- Film Review
  32. Wanted -- Film Review
  33. Twitter securing $100 mil investment
  34. Pothole -- Film Review
  35. Agency sued over Lady Gaga concert flap
  36. Made in Europe
  37. Tehroun -- Film Review
  38. Paranormal Activity -- Film Review
  39. TiVo stock in fast-forward mode
  40. The Cleveland Show -- TV Review
  41. Made in Malta
  42. Brothers -- TV Review
  43. Made in Ireland
  44. Made in Spain
  45. Made in Germany
  46. Made in Italy
  47. Made in France
  48. Surrogates -- Film Review
  49. Toronto co-director to head Nouveau jury
  50. Les Moonves, Julie Chen welcome first child
  51. GC Financial takes 25% stake in Zip Films
  52. Alex de la Iglesia directing 'grotesque tragedy'
  53. Brett Ratner backs 'organic' product placement
  54. Mao's Last Dancer -- Film Review
  55. Newmarket picks up Jon Amiel's 'Creation'
  56. Fame -- Film Review
  57. 'Terribly Happy' is Denmark's Oscar pick
  58. Other countries
  59. Made in the U.K.
  60. Mark Burnett to produce People's Choice
  61. Eminem vs. iTunes trial begins
  62. Survey: Fox News most (and least) trusted for news
  63. 'Cleveland Show' table read (video)
  64. 'Rain' builds Korea buzz
  65. BBC to launch China Business Report
  66. German media gears up for national elections
  67. Russia approves digital TV switch program
  68. DHX Media sells cartoon series abroad
  69. Alliance Films, Handmade ink library deal
  70. Huayi Brothers plans $91 mil IPO
  71. Hungry Nation is Next New project
  72. Massive premieres for 'Cougar Town,' 'Modern Family'
  73. Fox may buy Cowell's 'X-Factor'
  74. San Sebastian starts handing out awards
  75. Ghent focus on Germany, Turkey, Israel
  76. Tokyo Game Show starts slow
  77. Six arrested in India piracy crackdown