1. Country Strong: Film Review
  2. Lindsay Lohan Accused of Assaulting Rehab Staff Member
  3. Too Hot For MTV: Ten Controversial Music Videos That Got Banned
  4. Publicists Guild Nominations Announced
  5. Confirmed: Dawn Ostroff Expected to Exit CW
  6. Twentieth Century Fox Co-President of Marketing Pam Levine Exits
  7. 'Little Fockers' Set to Challenge 'Tron' at Weekend Box Office
  8. Sofia Coppola: 'It Would Be Funny to Release 'Somewhere' in 3D'
  9. CBS Shifts 'Blue Bloods' to Wednesdays
  10. TRAILER: 'Your Highness,' Now With Less Natalie Portman Buttcheek
  11. Rock Stars Offer Casting Suggestions for Lemmy Kilmister Biopic
  12. Lucasfilm Settles Justice Department Claim
  13. ESPN's 'Monday Night Football' Tops Competition in Historic Fashion
  14. Jennifer Lopez Sued For Interfering With Movie About Ex-Husband
  15. Has 'Social Network' Hit the Tipping Point?
  16. Actors Equity Association: 'Spider-Man' Injury Caused By 'Human Error'
  17. The Hollywood Reporter's 80th Anniversary: 'The Legends' Issue
  18. Writers Guild Foundation Hosts 'Kids Are All Right' Screenwriters
  19. Palm Springs Film Fest to Honor Ben Affleck, Danny Boyle
  20. It's Official: Disney Denied Appeal of $319M 'Millionaire' Verdict
  21. James Mullighan Hired to Produce Next Year's Edinburgh Film Festival
  22. Spider-Man Performance Canceled After Actor Seriously Injured
  23. U.K. Business Secretary Stripped of Oversight of News Corp./BSkyB Deal
  24. FX Sets 'Justified' Season 2 Premiere Date
  25. Asylum Founder Nathan McGuinness Joins Double Negative Singapore
  26. Hollywood Docket: 'Harry Potter' plagiarism case continues; Actor subpoenas Twitter for source of STD rumor
  27. Nickelodeon refuses to cave in 'Dora' standoff
  28. Will CBS sue over this awesome 'Star Trek' replica?
  29. Rare Jimi Hendrix song tangled in dispute
  30. Mother of teen 'sex addict' sues 'Tyra' show
  31. Hollywood Docket: 'Dora' lawyer threatens to humiliate Nickelodeon; 'Hobbit' deal coming?
  32. Irving Azoff responds to Axl Rose legal claim
  33. Hollywood Docket: Google wants to charge the music industry for anti-piracy help
  34. Real-life judge investigated for trying to be fake TV judge
  35. Harvard's Larry Lessig on why 'Social Network' gets the Internet wrong
  36. Hollywood Docket: Undercover actor; 'Simpsons' opening pulled; 'Hobbit' divides Kiwi actors
  37. Will Miami get to hear LeBron James games on radio?
  38. Hollywood Docket: Comcast-NBCU merger condition; libel lawsuits down; 'Jonah Hex' tops most-pirated list
  39. Democrat fights back against Fox News lawsuit
  40. Staffing: OMM advises Spyglass on MGM deal
  41. 'Deadliest Catch' trio rejoins the show
  42. Hollywood Docket: MGM bankruptcy; Bergstein's gambling debt; appeals court reinstates MSNBC suit
  43. Taylor Swift could owe millions to ex-manager
  44. 'Dora the Explorer' hits puberty, gets fired, sues Nickelodeon
  45. Producer claims Donny & Marie Osmond pulled off a Vegas heist
  46. Hollywood Docket: Anti-piracy pact released; Tivo patent reaffirmed; court sketch artist vs. ESPN
  47. Bigamy investigation threatens TLC's 'Sister Wives'
  48. Is this Katy Perry bikini photo worth millions?
  49. Hollywood Docket: McTiernan speaks; SAGWatch probe; Foo Fighter fake-sues Scissor Sister
  50. Will Paramount be liable for a 'Transformers 3' stunt gone bad?
  51. Michael Bay gets apology, dismissal of battery lawsuit
  52. Judge: Food Network's 'Private Chefs' can air as planned
  53. Meet the billionaire the entire TV industry is suing
  54. Hollywood Docket: 'Hobbit' mediation; McTiernan sentenced; 'Real Housewives' heist
  55. Tiny astronaut sues big musician
  56. Ke$ha says former manager acted as unlicen$ed talent agent
  57. 'Deadliest Catch' update: Trio still overboard, clock is ticking
  58. Everything you need to know about 'The Social Network' and the law
  59. How Mark Zuckerberg could sue over 'Social Network'
  60. NBCU, BBC win 'stolen' TV idea case
  61. Hollywood Docket: Lionsgate vs. Icahn; Fox vs. Dish; 'Greek' is most-pirated film
  62. Judge: Mark Cuban must pay Don Johnson
  63. Nikki Finke website sues for copyright infringement
  64. WME dragged into Live Nation antitrust case
  65. Can Hollywood get Google to support new anti-piracy bill?
  66. Hollywood Docket: Feds vs. Fox News; Canada vs. 'Jersey Shore'; singing in court?
  67. Now Matt Dillon is suing for 'Crash' profits
  68. Hollywood Docket: Lines drawn on anti-piracy bill; broadcasters vs ivi; Hulk Hogan settles
  69. Patent lawsuit aims to clip Paris Hilton hair extensions
  70. Lionsgate battling distributor over 'Saw 3D'
  71. Hollywood Docket: Appeals court rules on downloads; Porn pirate leak; another Lady Gaga suit
  72. 'Deadliest Catch' stars quit the show
  73. 'Deadliest Catch' stars quit the show
  74. New moves in epic 'Superman' case
  75. Hollywood Docket: Pirate Bay appeal; TLC bigamy probe; 'SNL' sketch theft?
  76. 'Millionaire' judge awards Celador $50M in interest
  77. Staffing: Southwestern; Mitchell Silberberg; more
  78. Will a popular Food Network show be put on ice?
  79. Hollywood Docket: 'Hurt Locker' subpoenas; 'Hobbit' labor skirmish; Demi Moore settles
  80. 'Get Him to the Greek' tops most-pirated movie list
  81. 'Thats Hot': Paris Hilton settles Hallmark lawsuit
  82. Hollywood Docket: YouTube reigns in Spain; Beckham vs. In Touch; Facebook settlement figure?
  83. Capt. Sig backs 'Deadliest Catch' co-stars, slams Discovery
  84. Hard Rock sues over 'offensive' Vegas reality show
  85. Would David Letterman sue Joaquin Phoenix? (video)
  86. Hollywood Docket: AFTRA vs Teamsters; Colbert to testify?; 'Seinfeld' defense
  87. Judge sides with Spielberg/DreamWorks; 'Disturbia' not too similar to 'Rear Window'
  88. Hollywood Docket: Supreme Court interested in piracy; Netflix vs. librarians; Gene Simmons 'legal humping'
  89. Watch out, Hulu. Meet the new Napster of television
  90. Naked Cowgirl trying to invalidate Naked Cowboy trademark
  91. Hollywood Docket: New anti-piracy bill; SAG settlement OK; Larry Flynt suing pirates
  92. 'Deadliest Catch' captains say Discovery lawsuit smells fishy
  93. Sony's Michael Lynton to keynote USC symposium
  94. Sadly, we will never know why the 'milkaholic' E-Trade baby was named Lindsay
  95. Larry King bagel company sued over 'patented water'
  96. Discovery sues 'Deadliest Catch' stars for $3 million
  97. Hollywood Docket: Labor negotiations preview; producers vs. Google; MPAA website targeted
  98. Do you read song lyrics online? Maybe not for long
  99. Fox News settles Bernie Madoff footage dispute
  100. Hollywood Docket: Mel/Oksana witnesses threatened; Ashton Kutcher talks defamation; Kim Kardashian sex doll
  101. Democrat candidate hits back against Fox News lawsuit
  102. AEG fires back at Jackson family lawsuit
  103. Hollywood Docket: FCC complaint targets cartoon; Ari in arbitration; poll backs vidgame ban
  104. Fox News sues Democratic Senate candidate
  105. Vivid sues to stop Jimi Hendrix sex tape dowloads
  106. Why baseball players probably shouldn't go into the movie business
  107. Jackson family lawsuit blames AEG for Michael's death
  108. Academy settling Oscar crasher lawsuit
  109. Agent defection lawsuits settled
  110. Hollywood Docket: Michael Moore 'Sicko' decision appealed; Warners vs. Zell; Register of Copyrights retiring
  111. Advisers: Lawsuit by Dick Wolf's ex 'lacks merit'
  112. Casey Affleck settles sex harassment cases
  113. Hollywood Docket: Bob Marley loses; Lady Gaga settles; The Situation's trademark situation
  114. Q&A: Nancy Grace prepares to deliver 'Swift Justice' (video)
  115. Hollywood Docket: What news aggregation is legal? 'Robin Hood' most pirated; Read the Britney harassment lawsuit
  116. Did you know that Daily Variety is suing a popular punk rock band?
  117. Hollywood Docket: Michael Moore wins free speech ruling; Stanley Brooks vs. guilds; Letterman extortionist free
  118. Courtney Love ordered to appear for deposition
  119. Court filing: Paris Hilton in bizarre drug allegation
  120. Judge calls Nicollette Sheridan lawsuit 'annoying'
  121. 'Exorcist' writer sues for access to Warner Bros. records
  122. Hollywood Docket: War declares War on Pepsi; Eminem wins appeal; Travolta ends extortion case
  123. Class action claims Disney stiffed financial analysts on overtime
  124. Taylor Lautner settles that $300,000 RV lawsuit
  125. How much do you think Time Warner's top lawyer makes?
  126. Do you download copyrighted porn? Lawsuits seek to reveal names
  127. Hollywood Docket: Disney/Time Warner deal; Paris Hilton judgment; governors vs. Fox News
  128. Will Fox escape a jury trial in massive 'Squeakquel' case?
  129. Hollywood Docket: BBC loses 'Top Gear' case; Thousands more file-sharers sued; P Diddy age discrimination?
  130. Bethenny Frankel wants to quit 'Real Housewives.' Here's why she might not.
  131. Italian film mogul wins $14M tentative decision in battle with '300' producer
  132. 'Survivor' contestants owe $5 million if they spill secrets
  133. Hollywood Docket: Lucasfilm stops Jedi Mind; UMG's lobbying tab; 'Idol' gay exploitation?
  134. Conan O'Brien picks 'Conan' as new show title (video)
  135. Gavin Polone sues Summit Entertainment claiming he was kicked off a 'Ledge'
  136. California poised to enact another anti-paparazzi law
  137. BBC trying to muzzle the big 'Top Gear' secret
  138. Howie Mandel would like to be paid for DVD games
  139. Hollywood Docket: 'Glee' kids want soundtrack money; 'Ellen' music case; Lindsay Lohan repents
  140. Q&A: Meet the lawyer trying to bring down 'Jersey Shore'
  141. Should Arnold Schwarzenegger sue for accent theft?
  142. This Taylor Lautner RV lawsuit just got a lot more interesting
  143. Hollywood Docket: Time Warner carriage deal?; YouTube survives in Germany; Paris Hilton's defense
  144. 'Ghost Hunters' producer files $3M royalties lawsuit
  145. Hollywood Docket: FCC appeals indecency ruling; Hallmark vs. AT&T; 'Cake Boss' arrest
  146. Brad Pitt photo puts Fox News on 'fair use' hot seat
  147. Disney, Warner Bros. sue to stop advertising on pirate websites
  148. Hollywood Docket: IRS vs. David Bergstein; Wesley Snipes fights prison; U2 plays loud
  149. What Conan O'Brien can and can't say at the Emmys
  150. Michael Douglas' ex claims 'greed' in 'Wall Street' trial
  151. Michael Bay fires back at pistol-whipping lawsuit
  152. Hollywood Docket: Sumner settles harassment claim; Madea goes to appellate court; Wyclef
  153. Will AT&T rat out customers accused of downloading pirated gay porn?
  154. Michael Bay named in pistol-whipping lawsuit
  155. Hollywood Docket: How Boy Scouts earn their anti-piracy merit patches
  156. This is by far the weirdest Lindsay Lohan legal story you will read today
  157. Wild party scene won't be cut from Facebook movie
  158. Taylor Lautner sues over $300,000 trailer
  159. Why doesn't Conan's TBS show have a name yet?
  160. Jury awards $7.3M in 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' fraud case
  161. George Lucas sues to stop 'Jedi Mind' wireless headset
  162. Hollywood Docket: 'Salt' tops most-pirated movie list
  163. Why more talent agents might soon be defecting to rival agencies
  164. Warner Bros. wants to stop 'Harry Popper' condoms
  165. Hulu wins patent infringement case
  166. Court allows video gamer to argue he is addicted to Lineage II
  167. Hollywood Docket: Courtney Love settles Nirvana dispute; RIAA writes Google; Cameron Diaz is dangerous
  168. Read the threatening letter Joe Francis' lawyer sent over 'Piranha 3D'
  169. Lawsuit says Food Network stole recipe for 'Private Chefs'
  170. Hollywood Docket: Fox sues over 'Family Guy' dolls
  171. Stacy Keach sued by agents for commission on FX show
  172. Indie distributor accused of 'Ungodly' behavior
  173. Bret Michaels files $5 million lawsuit against concert promoter
  174. Hollywood Docket: Lohan's $1 mil pricetag; beauty queen settles with ICM; EMI acquisition deal?
  175. Leaked 'Vampires Suck' hits 100,000 downloads
  176. Hollywood Docket: ObamaJam; 'Housewives' bankruptcy; Josh Groban
  177. Sex harassment suit hits Spike's 'Surviving Disaster'
  178. Can the 'Superman' lawyer SLAPP away a Warner Bros. lawsuit?
  179. Massive judgment in World of Warcraft copyright infringement case
  180. Hollywood Docket: How H'wood really feels about Obama; studio web stalking?; another 'Jersey Shore' arrest
  181. Oprah's OWN faces discrimination lawsuit
  182. 'Gurl' fight: Why Katy Perry probably shouldn't be afraid of the Beach Boys
  183. Which 'Jersey Shore' star could actually trademark their name?
  184. Actress sues over inclusion in Green Day musical promo
  185. Hollywood Docket: Playboy harassment verdict; PBS storms funeral; Kelsey Grammer's expensive divorce
  186. SAG settles foreign levies class action
  187. Goldman Sachs slams Joel Silver lawsuit as 'implausible,' 'absurd'
  188. Film fest producers get only six months in jail in bribery case
  189. Staffing: SAG exec director honored by black lawyers
  190. Live Nation joins effort to pre-sue concert bootleggers
  191. Hollywood Docket: Weinstein vs. MPAA; Allbritton vs. Comcast; Murdoch wants the 'sky'
  192. Yes, Paris Hilton was sued for $35 mil for not wearing the right hair extensions
  193. Supreme Court denies Warner Bros. appeal in Ladd case
  194. First person to sue YouTube is no longer suing YouTube
  195. Writer claims his own managers stole 'Lottery Ticket'
  196. Ex-manager claims YouTube video proves Lil Wayne lied under oath
  197. Hollywood Docket: Viacom's YouTube appeal; Top 10 court dramas; Donald Duck, groper?
  198. Lawsuit says Teri Hatcher, ABC pushed exec out of company
  199. Claims withdrawn in two BitTorrent piracy cases
  200. Warner Bros. sued by ex-employee for sex discrimination
  201. AEG Live sues concert bootleggers before they bootleg
  202. Hollywood Docket: Net neutrality; Discovery vs. DeadliestCatchTV; 'Real World' politicos
  203. The most perplexing line in the latest 'Price Is Right' pregnancy discrimination lawsuit
  204. Judge unsticks 'Bruno' Velcro lawsuit
  205. Read Portia de Rossi's petition to change name to Portia DeGeneres
  206. Stan Lee sued over superhero trademark
  207. Hollywood Docket: Meet the copyright enforcers; Salahis get served; Fantasia sex tape?
  208. Klugman, NBC Universal settle 'Quincy' profits lawsuit
  209. Deadline extended in Affleck sex harassment case
  210. Uma Thurman settles 'Eloise' film flap
  211. Wyclef has 'great lawyers' handling tax issues (video)
  212. Hollywood Docket: Katy Perry vs. Beach Boys; Google/Viacom alliance?; 'Entourage' tequila
  213. Will the Salahis sue us for calling them White House party crashers?
  214. Hollywood Docket: A deal to end net neutrality?; LimeWire court date; DiCaprio vs. attacker
  215. Chuck DeVore apologizes to Don Henley and settles lawsuit
  216. Guys gone wild? Companies are exposed as allegations of bad behavior make headlines
  217. Why is an Oscar winner suing over this $100,000 photograph?
  218. Read the full Prop. 8 decision
  219. Charlie Crist blames consultants for campaign ad lawsuit
  220. Lenders beware: A warning about Hollywood film libraries
  221. Hollywood Docket: MPAA delay; Lawyer vs. Prince; Bulgarian pirates
  222. Gawker pays to settle 'McSteamy' copyright suit
  223. 'Sex 2' tops most-pirated movies list
  224. Hollywood Docket: Meet showbiz's conservative clique; Activision CEO vs. Patty Glaser; Spawn of 'Spawn'
  225. Warner Bros. wins jury verdict in trial over Eastwood film
  226. Oscar crasher criminal charges dropped
  227. Why does Hollywood need a special party-crasher law?
  228. Second woman suing Casey Affleck over harassment on documentary
  229. Jury sides with 'Girls Gone Wild' in suit by sexy dancer
  230. Video game designer-turned-space traveler awarded $28 million by jury
  231. Hollywood Docket: McPherson emails; MPAA puts Bob Kerrey in turnaround; why Shirley Sherrod shouldn't sue
  232. Carnie Wilson sues for more pay from reality show
  233. Jimmy Fallon show hit with sex discrimination claim
  234. Judge Joe Brown wins ruling in his own lawsuit
  235. Hollywood Docket: McPherson harassment probe; Fela photo flap; RIAA legal fees
  236. Casey Affleck: Emails prove accuser was 'very happy'
  237. Why Mel Gibson's Hollywood lawyers haven't dropped him
  238. Affleck wants harassment case arbitrated
  239. Class action says media companies deploy 'zombie cookies'
  240. Hollywood Docket: Comcast's legal bill; Ken Starr bail; best fictional lawyer ever
  241. Staffing: Warners ups employment counsel
  242. Hollywood Docket: Summit stops 'Twilight' documentary
  243. Jailbreak: New gov't rules allow antipiracy workarounds
  244. Icahn sues Lionsgate over equity swap
  245. Hollywood Docket: Teamsters strike averted; Shaq vs. Steve Nash; 'Girls Gone Wild' jury verdict
  246. Affleck vows to sue sex harassment accuser
  247. Casey Affleck sued for sexual harassment
  248. Naked Cowboy talks with Naked Cowgirl about lawsuit (audio)
  249. Hollywood Docket: Ninth Circuit returns Bratz to MGA; Costner dismisses promoter suit; Lohan jail tweets;
  250. The three most outrageous claims in the David Boreanaz sex harassment lawsuit
  251. 'Got Talent' contestant sues Cowell for $3.8 million
  252. Brad, Angelina win settlement of U.K. case
  253. Free Advice Q&A: That movie is just like my movie, who do I sue?
  254. Judge orders TLC to stop using 'Cake Boss' title
  255. Hollywood Docket: Gibson extortion?; 'South Park' arrest; Naked Cowboy lawsuit
  256. Mel Gibson Saga: When is it legal to record a conversation?
  257. Actors want money from 'America's Most Wanted'
  258. Would Alyssa Milano hire this man as her lawyer? (video)
  259. Hollywood Docket: Lohan's mug shot; Teamster strike prep; Bergstein ordered to talk
  260. Free Advice Q&A: How do I stop someone from spreading lies online?
  261. Criminal charges filed against alleged Oscar trespasser
  262. Veoh showdown with Universal Music could preview Viacom/YouTube appeal
  263. Free Advice Q&A: How much is too much copyrighted footage in a documentary?
  264. Hollywood Docket: Lohan & lesbian prison gangs?; Pirate Bay wins; Limewire making deals
  265. Lindsay Lohan goes to jail
  266. Ex-'Jersey Boys' countersue Frankie Valli, want to perform as 'The Boys in Concert'
  267. Free Advice Q&A: When are the big deals going to come back?
  268. Hollywood Docket: Teamsters, 'Jersey Shore' on strike?; Clooney testifies; porn vs. pirates
  269. Hollywood Docket: Google's $100m legal tab; more racy TV shows?; Tucker Carlson v. Keith Olbermann
  270. Attention movie pirates: New round of lawsuits coming
  271. Power Lawyers 2010: Meet the 100 most influential showbiz attorneys
  272. Q&A: Sony general counsel Leah Weil on life as a studio's top lawyer
  273. Tentative ruling requires 'Crude' filmmaker to turn over footage
  274. Appeals court affirms Warner Bros. win in 'We Are Marshall' copyright case
  275. Hollywood Docket: Seagal sex suit dropped; Guilds vs. Bergstein; Mel tapes admissible?
  276. Would you buy a LucasFilm cease and desist letter?
  277. Beer pong players sue over inclusion in 'World's Funniest Commercials' (video)
  278. Q&A: 'Crude' director Joe Berlinger on his epic battle with Chevron
  279. Writer claims agents stole TV show ideas
  280. Hollywood Docket: Will the FCC appeal?; UFC vs. pirates; RIAA's legal bill
  281. Willy Wizard takes Harry Potter copyright fight to America
  282. Did 'American Idol' producers run an illegal lottery?
  283. Hollywood Docket: Polanski reaction; Lohan law professor; Barefoot Bandit's entertainment lawyer
  284. Appeals court shoots down FCC indecency rules
  285. 'Social Network' trailer: 'Let's SUE him in federal court!!!'
  286. McTiernan guilty plea a milestone in Pellicano saga
  287. Record industry tries to catch porn industry with pants down
  288. Are celebrities to blame for an overburdened court system?
  289. Hollywood Docket: Tutor disses Bergstein; Ninth Circuit rejects Beach Boys claims; Bikini model loses 'Couples Retreat' case
  290. Switzerland frees Roman Polanski
  291. Talent agency WME drops Mel Gibson (exclusive)
  292. The filmmaker who became a legal spy
  293. Hollywood Docket: Ken Starr vs. Martin Scorsese; Rachael Ray wins domain name; Food Channel vs. Food Network
  294. Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer is a really new lawyer
  295. 'Millionaire' aftermath: Celador leaves door open to sue agents
  296. Hayden Christensen claims USA stole his idea for 'Royal Pains'
  297. Hollywood Docket: ESPN careful with LeBron special; LucasFilm vs. laser; 'Avatar' tech settlement
  298. Court details long, strange road to 'Easy Rider' sequel
  299. 'Millionaire' aftermath: Why do studios keep losing lawsuits?
  300. 'Nash Bridges' verdict! Now Don Johnson wins big!
  301. Hollywood Docket: Fox v. FCC; Lohan served; Colbert vs. Loyola Law (video)
  302. 'Millionaire' verdict! Disney loses big
  303. Snoop Dogg sued by jazz great for sampling
  304. Is Lindsay Lohan now uninsurable?
  305. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to jail time
  306. Woman claims 'Death at a Funeral' ripped from her own funeral mishaps
  307. ESPN scores TKO against Don King defamation lawsuit
  308. Hollywood Docket: 'Down Under' royalty ruling; Eddie Murphy wins; 'Twilight' game
  309. Trial alert! How much is Don Johnson owed for 'Nash Bridges'?
  310. WB's Alan Horn to keynote Power Lawyers event
  311. How Elena Kagan might rule on Hollywood cases
  312. Hollywood Docket: Another RICO case against 'Jersey Shore'; Jeremy London vs. his family; Dish Network vs. the FCC
  313. No 'Millionaire' verdict until Wednesday at earliest
  314. Alleged 'Twilight' bootlegger sues movie theater
  315. Do you know your showbiz deal terms?
  316. Hollywood Docket: Feds seize cyberlockers; NY tax credits; Kagan vs. 'Twilight'
  317. Judge orders cooperation in massive BitTorrent piracy case
  318. MTV denies woman was drunk in 'Real World' lawsuit
  319. Hollywood Docket: Cameras in Supreme Court?; singer vs. Led Zeppelin; 'Pros vs. Joes' idea theft?
  320. Is new 'Wall Street' a spinoff or a sequel? Michael Douglas' ex-wife wants to know
  321. Trade secret war over Hollywood set locations
  322. Hollywood Docket: White House wants spectrum; Video game industry wants tax breaks; Licensed YouTube music
  323. Staffing: Superman lawyer gets a lawyer; music program in Georgia; EFF-er to Google
  324. Fox News under fire for use of unauthorized footage
  325. Hollywood Docket: Reality TV child labor; Playboy vs. rapper; rapper vs. Kanye West
  326. 'Female Forces' lawsuit is next on A&E docket
  327. Hollywood Docket: YouTube lawyers take bow; B.O. trading ban; Michael Jackson doc
  328. Q&A: Howard Weitzman, lawyer for Michael Jackson estate
  329. Viacom/YouTube aftermath: Will video sites stop filtering content?
  330. More 'Sahara' litigation! Cussler sues Anschutz all over again
  331. Directors Guild slams judge for Viacom/YouTube decision
  332. Hollywood Docket: Ex-manager vs. Joan Rivers; NYT vs. T-shirts; stage direction copyrights?
  333. Drug dealer Ricky Ross trying to stop Rick Ross rap album
  334. What Viacom's loss to YouTube means for Hollywood
  335. Top 10 celebrity neighbor disputes
  336. Viacom top lawyer on YouTube ruling: 'Confident we will win on appeal'
  337. Google beats Viacom! Read the full YouTube decision
  338. What the Boys & Girls Club thinks of the Comcast-NBCU merger
  339. Hollywood Docket: Behold! Gov't piracy plan unveiled; Foo Fighters vs. ad; Naked Cowboy vs. Naked Cowgirl
  340. Lawsuit seeks to stop release of The Game album
  341. Food Network has a hot lawsuit in the oven
  342. Hollywood Docket: Meet Hollywood's new piracy threat; Suge vs. Kanye; ASCAP vs. bars
  343. Are these the 12 funniest comedian lawsuits of all time?
  344. Dead celebrity lawyer profiled by near-dead TV journalists
  345. Is it legal to sue thousands of alleged movie pirates in one lawsuit?
  346. Record industry targets Google for linking to infringing songs
  347. Beauty pageant moms sue over talk show abuse
  348. Hollywood Docket: Michael Jackson musical; the new LimeWire; 'Twilight' t-shirt contest
  349. Rosenberg denied! Judge set to dismiss lawsuit by SAG hardliners
  350. FX arms itself to defend 'Sons of Anarchy' suit
  351. 'Burn Notice' producers sued for explosive property damage
  352. Hollywood Docket: PerezGate rages; Pakistanis vs. Mark Zuckerberg; French 3-strikes law
  353. 'Conviction' trailer: Hilary Swank goes to law school (video)
  354. Staffing: Southwestern taps Krone; new hires at BBC, Pillsbury; Lathrop
  355. Hollywood Docket: Music publishers vs. LimeWire; Marvel vs. Spider-Man pinatas; FIFA vs. marketers
  356. Fired staffer accuses ESPN of locker room mentality (video)
  357. Now it's a fight! ABC lawyers up, seeks Nicollette Sheridan deposition
  358. Iger testimony: 'Millionaire' was 'a factor' in ABC ratings success
  359. Google withdraws lawsuit against record label
  360. Hollywood Docket: Iger's 'Millionaire' moment; lawyers love Miramax, Lionsgate; Seacrest stalker
  361. Who is Trenton Brungard? UTA sues to unmask fake agent
  362. Ex-Hells Angel claims FX stole 'Sons of Anarchy'
  363. Perez Hilton: Miley 'was clearly wearing underwear'
  364. Nicollette Sheridan says ABC dismissed 'Housewives' assault as 'light tap'
  365. 'Twilight' studio sues to stop sale of Bella jacket
  366. Hollywood Docket: 9th Cir. vs. Pierce O'Donnell; musicians vs. 'Idol'; Miley Cyrus upskirt
  367. How to make a 'Twilight' fan remix film without getting sued
  368. Coldplay apologizes for snub, gives 'Glee' entire catalog
  369. Hollywood Docket: 'Spawn' litigation; Senate vs. loud commercials; Ron Tutor
  370. Perfect 10: porn publisher or copyright troll?
  371. Does a couch violate Humphrey Bogart's rights?
  372. World Cup kicks off piracy battles
  373. 'Hurt Locker' producers drop First Amendment bomb on Iraq War vet
  374. Is the Internet killing libel lawsuits?
  375. Appeals court gives life to 'Last Samurai' idea theft claim
  376. Hollywood Docket: Challenge to BitTorrent litigation; NBC affiliates want sports; Lindsay 'milkaholic' suit update
  377. Judge rules A&E mishandled 'Steven Seagal: Lawman' claim
  378. How much does the record industry want from LimeWire? Millions? Billions? Trillions? More?
  379. Dr. Dre loses two claims against Death Row for reissuing 'The Chronic'
  380. Hollywood Docket: Reselling a promo CD; The NFL's TV money; The end of libel?
  381. Britney Spears' ex-manager vs. Britney Spears' mother
  382. Hollywood Docket: Bergstein's dismissal motion rejected; Chevron documentarian gets stay; Suing the 'Glee' kids?
  383. Crash! Bob Yari loses more than $6 million in court decision
  384. Hollywood Docket: Charlie Sheen deal hits snag; Comcast-NBCU objectors blacklisted?; Smurf lawyer is blue
  385. A dead celebrity like John Wayne is worth millions and a good lawsuit
  386. Time Warner denies it's looking to score publicity points in BitTorrent litigation
  387. Hollywood Docket: Ben Silverman testified in 'Millionaire' case; FCC hits Fox on 'American Dad'; Rush vs. Rand Paul
  388. Fox sued for $7 million by judge who lost his job thanks to erroneous report
  389. Appeals court sides with NBC Universal in 'Ghost Hunters' idea theft case
  390. Can Hollywood scriptwriters base a story on their own family?
  391. Hollywood Docket: Vivendi case gets French treatment; Entertainers vs. Arizona immigration law; Celebrity sex tapes
  392. 'Millionaire' trial update: Opening statements; Smith testifies; Silverman next; first 'final answer' joke
  393. Court halts 'I Love You Phillip Morris' release! Will the movie ever come out?
  394. Hollywood Docket: TV watchdog supergroup; Steve Wynn vs. Joe Francis; more Nikki Finke
  395. Judge: Republican infringed Don Henley songs in campaign ads
  396. Tai Chi expert claims 'Kung Fu Panda' stolen from his pitch
  397. Staffing: Lionsgate GC joins Southwestern board; new moves at Reed Smith, Nickelodeon, AMPTP
  398. Hollywood Docket: Charlie Sheen jail?; Dennis Hopper probate; AP vs. Shepard Fairey
  399. Why is Ashton Kutcher pirating his own movie?
  400. What all of Hollywood can learn from Warner Bros.' loss
  401. Warner Bros. fights back in 'Smallville' profits lawsuit
  402. 'Millionaire' trial begins! Smith, Silverman, Ferriter set to testify
  403. Hollywood Docket: RIAA piracy case to Supreme Court?; Kirsten Dunst's purse; Albert Einstein is buff!
  404. 'Hurt Locker' producer files massive antipiracy lawsuit
  405. Carly Simon brewing fresh lawsuit against Starbucks
  406. EBay, Facebook, Yahoo back YouTube in Viacom case
  407. Read the Ken Starr complaint
  408. LimeWire not done fighting copyright ruling
  409. Hulk Hogan trying to bodyslam 'Hulk' cereal commercial (video)
  410. Hollywood Docket: 'Sopranos' spat; trustee vs. Bergstein; Gene Simmons
  411. Italian producers must wait for day in court
  412. Disney joins Marvel's fight with Jack Kirby
  413. Hollywood Docket: Justice Dept. probes Apple; Lohan unchained?; Dodgers vs. Jon Lovitz
  414. Warner Bros. loses Alan Ladd, Jr. appeal
  415. Hollywood Docket: David Byrne vs. Charlie Crist; NFL antitrust ruling; Facebook privacy
  416. Is Time Warner Cable about to be sued for copyright infringement?
  417. System of a Down wins 'B.Y.O.B.' royalty case
  418. Self-help guru Wayne Dyer sued for stealing from Tao book
  419. Superman lawyer now targeting Fox's 'Percy Jackson'
  420. Hollywood Docket: Lohan in court; more Viacom-YouTube documents; Rapidshare reaction
  421. Did Warner Bros. pirate antipiracy technology?
  422. Hollywood Docket: Parents vs. CBS; Dora the Explorer 'arrested'; Slash vs. Axl Rose
  423. Stem cell nonprofit sues Reliant's Thom Mount over documentary
  424. Marc Cuban company sues Paramount for millions
  425. Hollywood Docket: Bench warrant for Lohan; most 'notorious' pirate sites; Jerry O'Connell quits law school
  426. Producer sues lawyers in Farrah Fawcett documentary flap
  427. EFF recruiting attorneys to fight piracy lawsuits
  428. Film Academy targets GoDaddy in massive cybersquatting lawsuit
  429. Staffing: Entertainment law hires in Washington, Chicago, L.A.
  430. Graphic novelist wants $50 million for 'Heroes' ripoff
  431. Woman claims 'Avatar' lifted from 'Warrior' novel
  432. Hollywood Docket: CBS vs. 48 Hours magazine; Chartier vs. movie pirates; Elena Kagan and 2 Live Crew
  433. 'Twilight' crisis averted! Cullen kids sign for final movies
  434. Producer Cathy Konrad says Weinsteins cut her out of 'Scream 4'
  435. Wayans brothers joke theft case moves to L.A.
  436. Axl Rose slams Irving Azoff in $5 million countersuit
  437. Hollywood Docket: Pirate Bay up and taunting; Winnie Mandela vs. film; Supreme Court 'must carry'
  438. Variety wants attorneys fees from 'Iron Cross' filmmaker
  439. Nikki Finke in talks for HBO payday
  440. Joel Silver sues Goldman Sachs for $30 million
  441. Agent defection creates nasty litigation
  442. Time Warner Cable resisting new antipiracy campaign
  443. Hollywood Docket: New Polanski uproar; Tivo vs. Dish; Oprah settles
  444. Superman attorney lawsuit: smear campaign or savvy strategy?
  445. Superman lawyer responds to Warner Bros. suing him
  446. Beverly Nix-Meier, former business affairs exec, dies at 59
  447. Weinstein Co. loses key ruling in battle with soul singer
  448. Read the Warner Bros. lawsuit against Superman lawyer
  449. Hollywood Docket: Studios disconnect Pirate Bay; FCC strategizes; 'Transformers 3' vs. YouTube
  450. 'Twilight' negotiation update: How much are the Cullen kids worth?
  451. Why Elena Kagan might not be so bad for Hollywood
  452. Hollywood Docket: LimeWire aftermath; Polanksi on offense; Mark Cuban
  453. 'Bruno' lawsuit adds Jonah Hill, Jay Roach
  454. Huge win for RIAA in LimeWire copyright case
  455. 'Super bad' heavy metal dispute could be lawsuit of the year
  456. Hollywood Docket: Labels settle with Project Playlist; Don Johnson in court; 'Star Wars' kid
  457. 'Hurt Locker' producers about to sue an army of pirates
  458. Hollywood Docket: Polanski denied; The Fray lawyer slapped; Dish vs. TiVo
  459. Studios back Viacom in YouTube litigation
  460. Salary dispute holding up 'Twilight 5' announcement
  461. Trustee: Bergstein withheld some info
  462. Hollywood Docket: FCC backs MPAA; E-Trade vs. Lohan; first-sale doctrine hits 9th Cir.
  463. Why Hollywood should be very nervous about Elena Kagan
  464. How much did piracy hurt 'Iron Man 2' at the boxoffice?
  465. David Bergstein now dancing with wolves
  466. Hollywood Docket: 'Babies' labor violation?; Chevron vs. documentary; James Brown
  467. Full 'Millionaire' trial witness list: Iger, Eisner, Braun, Pedowitz, Silverman ...
  468. Will Hollywood remakes run into copyright trouble?
  469. Hollywood Docket: FCC pushes Comcast/NBCU deadline; more Bergstein; Daddy Yankee vs. UMG
  470. Google goes on offensive, sues record label over copyright
  471. Hollywood Docket: Bergstein warrant withdrawn; Letterman blackmailer sentenced; 'Family Guy'
  472. Woman wants $5 million for being humiliated in 'Real World' house
  473. Hollywood Docket: 'Jersey Shore' a criminal enterprise?; Lionsgate vs. Icahn; no law against 'Schmucks'
  474. Peter Lopez funeral set for Thursday
  475. 'Beverly Hills Ninja 2' director says he was karate-chopped
  476. 'Iron Man 2' now available free online
  477. Hollywood Docket: Polanski speaks; copyright infringers unmasked; 'Titans' is most-pirated
  478. Music lawyer Peter Lopez found dead in apparent suicide
  479. Power Lawyers 2010: nomination deadline
  480. 'Catcher in the Rye' copyright case to be reconsidered
  481. Did an appeals court just give the music industry a big break?
  482. Hollywood Docket: Polanski's last ditch effort; UMG's Veoh appeal; Absolute vs. Absolut
  483. Bergstein fires back at hedge fund
  484. Hollywood Docket: Bergstein gets 'Nailed'; appeals court backs Seinfeld; porn vs. piracy
  485. What the tabloid media knows (and Gawker doesn't) about celebrity sex tapes and stolen iPhones
  486. Marvel wins round in Jack Kirby showdown; case to be litigated in New York
  487. Meet the lawyers negotiating Disney's Miramax sale
  488. Should the court consider Gizmodo editor a journalist?
  489. 'Chicago' creative team sues Miramax for profits
  490. Academy countersues Oscar 'detainee' for trespass
  491. Actor detained at Oscars isn't done ripping Academy
  492. DMX sues for royalties from jail
  493. Hollywood Docket: Icahn poisons Lionsgate; Activision class action; Lindsay Lohan vs. Michael Lohan
  494. Trial alert! Disney's $250mil 'Millionaire' showdown set to begin
  495. Randy Quaid, Lloyd Braun and the lingering duties to former clients
  496. Hollywood Docket: Bergstein arrest warrant; Gawker vs. police; Randy Quaid
  497. Why support the boxoffice futures exchanges?
  498. 'Chipmunks' owners sue Fox, claim HALF of 'Squeakquel' millions
  499. Hollywood Docket: Supreme Court plays video games; Don Henley vs. Republican; Lane Bryant vs. ABC & Fox
  500. Lawsuit says Fox stole 'Deadbeat Dads' reality show
  501. Actor wants $50 mil from Academy for being 'imprisoned' at the Oscars
  502. When does product placement become false advertising?
  503. Hollywood Docket: Polanski denied; RedBox settles; Pirate Bay bunker?
  504. Crime Time: Michael Douglas' son stole my dream
  505. 'No Country' investor: Tommy Lee Jones got $15 million, we got stiffed
  506. 'South Park' censors mentions of Prophet Muhammed
  507. Hollywood Docket: Brazil tops Google's censorship list; Producer wants Lil Wayne 'Lollipop' royalties; Heidi Montag drops suit
  508. Entertainment Lawyer of the Year reflects on career, Rita Hayworth's underwear
  509. Will Nikki Finke sue HBO over this 'Tilda' script?
  510. What we can learn from the 'Downfall' of Hitler
  511. Hollywood Docket: Supremes tackle first-sale law; 'Ugly' idea theft?; Apple vs. Gizmodo
  512. Class action claims fraud in Second Life land sales
  513. Hollywood Docket: Supremes crush video law; Biggie civil suit dismissed; Arnold's 'Terminator' deal
  514. Lawsuit claims producer booted from James Ivory film
  515. Staffing: New hires at Harry Fox; Reed Smith; Bingham
  516. Settlement clears way for 'Letters to Juliet' release
  517. Judge rejects Carly Simon suit against Starbucks
  518. Hollywood Docket: Nicollette Sheridan's 'peace package'?; 'Titans' most pirated; Dixie Chick wins legal fees
  519. Justice Stevens, the man who saved Hollywood from itself
  520. Crime Time: Has Charlie Sheen said too much?
  521. Hollywood Docket: No Doubt vs. Activision; DirecTV, Dish settle; David Bergstein's mother
  522. Viacom: Google tried to 'coerce' content owners with infringement threat
  523. U.N. agency to mediate reality show idea theft cases
  524. Hollywood Docket: Steven Seagal benched; Charlie Sheen remains silent; Heidi Montag vs. 'The Hills'
  525. Harold Berkowitz, pioneering showbiz dealmaker
  526. Agent for Pitt, Jolie wins sex-bias jury trial
  527. Patrick Dempsey fighting tequila hangover
  528. Hollywood Docket: Bergstein explains himself; Frankie Valli vs. 'Jersey Boys'; 'Slap Shot' writer vs. Hanson bros
  529. Does anybody own Fellini's 'La Dolce Vita'?
  530. Hollywood Docket: FCC fighting for air; file-sharing settlement scam; Hollywood & the Supreme Court
  531. Conan targets NBC lawyers in tour opener
  532. Above the law? 'Sex toy' model sues Steven Seagal
  533. Hollywood Docket: Tom Cruise vs. ex-Scientologist; Eddie Vedder cleared on copyright; 'Call of Duty' countersuit
  534. Republican: Using Don Henley songs in commercials is parody of 'Hollywood and entertainment elite'
  535. Widow claims forged license put Gene Kelly on 'highly offensive' trading cards
  536. 'Hannah Montana' creators sue Disney for profits
  537. Meet Ron Durkin, the new trustee in the Bergstein bankruptcy case
  538. Crime Time: Will a jury believe that Michael Jackson killed himself?
  539. CNN sues citizen 'iReporter' for saying he works for CNN
  540. ESPN's popular 'GameCast' sued for patent infringement
  541. Hollywood Docket: Supreme Court loses Stevens; Jill Scott countersuit; Suge Knight vs. Kanye
  542. Sacha Baron Cohen wins appeals court ruling over ex-girlfriend joke
  543. Hollywood Docket Top 5: AFTRA courting SAG; MPAA vs. boxoffice futures; 'Milkaholic' actress vs. Lohan
  544. FCC general counsel responds to Comcast decision
  545. License dispute threatens to halt 'Letters to Juliet' release
  546. Read the latest major class action copyright lawsuit against Google
  547. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Visual artists vs. Google; Polanski special counsel?; Japanese porn vs. Taiwanese pirates
  548. Weinsteins, Lionsgate settling 'Precious' litigation
  549. Which of Nicollette Sheridan's outrageous claims could actually succeed?
  550. Hollywood Docket: 'Net neutrality' loses; Jackson judge named; Sean Penn vs. paparazzo
  551. Read the full Nicollette Sheridan assault lawsuit
  552. Nicollette Sheridan claims 'Desperate Housewives' creator assaulted, fired her
  553. Is it time to completely reform U.S. copyright law?
  554. Johnny Carson estate wins injunction against 'Here's Johnny' toilets
  555. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Erykah Badu nudity; brand integration deals; FCC complaints
  556. Crime Time: Why do so many reality TV stars end up in jail? It's an addiction
  557. NBCU, CBS strike back in 'Bruno' defamation case
  558. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Charlie Sheen's leverage; being John Malkovich's lawyers; product placement disclosures
  559. Attention studio marketers: run that ad at your own risk
  560. Copyright law, explained by Disney characters
  561. Hollywood Docket: LL Cool J vs. Sarah Palin; Hollywood bribery sentencing; Ben Affleck's stalker is insane
  562. Federal judge dismisses claims by Stan Lee Media shareholders
  563. 'Hurt Locker' lawsuit hasn't even been served yet
  564. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Weinstein hoodwinked producer?; CBS affiliates enter Comcast-NBCU debate; Polanski finale?
  565. What can Viacom attorneys learn from a gay erotica lawsuit?
  566. Fox News goes liberal (on copyright law)
  567. Staffing: New hires, clients at Gang Tyre, Sheppard Mullin, etc.
  568. Citing 'overwhelming evidence,' judge appoints trustee over Bergstein companies
  569. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Producer v. Farrah Fawcett estate; Kelsey Grammer's $10 settlement; Rip Torn's bank robbery
  570. New litigation campaign quietly targets tens of thousands of movie downloaders
  571. Please stop your whining about the Warner Bros. anti-piracy internship
  572. 'Billionaire's Hollywood go-to guy' running for U.S. Senate (for world peace)
  573. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Bergstein creditors strike back; Google fingers Bob Tur; 'Jersey Shore' injunction denied
  574. DirecTV lawsuit gets hot and heavy with Playboy
  575. 'Smallville' producers claim Warner Bros. self-dealing cost them millions
  576. James Cameron: Innovation, not litigation, is the answer to piracy
  577. Hollywood Docket: MPAA vs. boxoffice exchange; Viacom on YouTube: 'A wonderful service'; Ted Turner's bison
  578. Crime Time: Should Justin Bieber's manager really be prosecuted for a mall riot?
  579. Power Lawyers 2010: the nomination form
  580. Manager claims Axl Rose owes $1.8 mil
  581. Bergstein blames former lawyer for getting him into this mess
  582. Zorro sues over masked M&Ms character
  583. Hollywood Docket Top 5: ACTA leak; NYT apologizes to Singapore; new 'libel tourism' law?
  584. Movie research firm claims former head misappropriated trade secrets
  585. Artist claims Green Day stole artwork for concert backdrop
  586. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Media 'cross-ownership' ban lifted; UK libel proposal; 'Shutter Island' is most-pirated
  587. TMZ producer claims he was fired for complaining about co-workers' drugs and drinking
  588. Producers battling over Herzog's 'Rescue Dawn'
  589. Oprah settles defamation case on eve of trial
  590. Five simple rules for keeping your movie off the Internet
  591. Hollywood Docket: EA vs. 'South Park'; teen queen vs. 'Wife Swap'; who's not suing Lady Gaga?
  592. Lawsuit says NBCU stole Hulu from Hulavision
  593. Author Michael Connelly claims Paramount inflated movie development costs
  594. Lawsuit says Showtime, HBO swapped ex-legislator's film for soft-core porn (video)
  595. Carly Simon probably thinks this post is about her (she's right)
  596. Lady Gaga countersues, claims ex-boyfriend was unlicensed talent agent
  597. Movie trailers to target frivolous litigation (video)
  598. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Viacom vs. YouTube; FTC vs. online ads; hotel room music
  599. George Lopez sues Paramount for concert DVD profits
  600. Crime Time: Life lessons, courtesy of Erin Andrews' stalker
  601. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Lady Gaga vs. producer; Polanski vs. judicial system; Snooki booked
  602. The secret legal battle behind 'The Runaways'
  603. Creditors sue Bergstein to stop sale of movies
  604. Viacom vs. YouTube unsealed! YouTube: We're no Grokster, just ask Viacom marketing
  605. Viacom vs. YouTube unsealed! YouTube's Steve Chen on copyrighted content: 'Steal it!'
  606. Hollywood Docket: Perez Hilton's obscenity slip-up; 'pirates' too sexy; 10 best NCAA lawsuits
  607. Why Hollywood should be afraid of the iPad (video)
  608. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Redstone escapes class action; iPod tax; 'Heroes' pirate pride
  609. Oprah defamation case can go to trial
  610. Hollywood Docket Top 5: FCC broadband plan; pawn shop expose; 'Project Runway' effect
  611. It's on! Kirby estate sues Marvel; copyrights to Iron Man, Spider-Man at stake
  612. Hollywood Docket Top 5: 'Hurt Locker' tops pirate list; 'Couples Retreat' model sues; Seinfeld slander sequel?
  613. Why Letterman's extortionist needs an agent, not a lawyer
  614. Super Bowl commercial lawsuits keep coming
  615. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Wells rips Comcast-NBCU; Phil Spector appeal; law school & 'The Office'
  616. Judge tosses copyright claim on Sony's 'God of War'
  617. How to solve the digital download problem in a flash
  618. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Viacom drops clips from Youtube suit; more Lindsay vs. E-Trade baby; Tom Cruise headed back to 'South Park'
  619. Will & Jada Pinkett Smith battle with film financier heads to arbitration
  620. If Warner Bros. accidentally sent you $1 mil, would you cash the check?
  621. 5 possible reasons why Lindsay Lohan filed that talking-baby lawsuit
  622. Nike sues to include Vince Lombardi speech in commercial
  623. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Pink Floyd vs. EMI; Joe Walsh vs. Joe Walsh; Music labels vs. 'Ellen'
  624. Vancouver man files first 'Avatar' rip-off lawsuit
  625. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Viacom vs. Google; 'Kill Bill' stolen?; 'Bachelor' battery; Lindsay Lohan is a baby
  626. Oscar Docket: 11th hour deal; acceptance-speech crashing; logo hijacking
  627. Showbiz mediation service launches
  628. The 10 most interesting Oscar-related lawsuits ever
  629. Is your Oscar pool legal?
  630. The 10 greatest legal movies of all time
  631. Hollywood Docket Top 5: YouTube summary judgment motions; fired 'Call of Duty' execs sue; federal anti-SLAPP law?
  632. TiVo destroys Dish in latest patent ruling
  633. Lawsuit claims warlord documentary hijacked by warlord-like filmmaker
  634. Xerox asks Hollywood to stop saying 'Xerox' (picture)
  635. Hollywood Docket Top 5: RealNetworks settlement; return of Danger Mouse; CBS vs. penis
  636. Court denies Cussler 'Sahara' appeal but reverses damages
  637. 'Hurt Locker' lawsuit claims breach of agreement with U.S. military
  638. War vet says he's suing 'Hurt Locker' for ID theft
  639. Viacom will sue bloggers who post unauthorized 'Daily Show' clips
  640. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Murdoch vs. Google; Fox vs. Scientologists; Verizon vs. TiVo
  641. Another day, another David Bergstein lawsuit
  642. Staffing Roundup: NATO; JAMS; Loeb & Loeb
  643. Hollywood Docket Top 5: No Oscars for New York?; Lady Gaga nipple; 'Price is Right' pregnancy suit
  644. Q&A: David Quinto, the lawyer who guards the door at the Oscars
  645. Warner Bros. bulks up for 'Superman' litigation
  646. Hollywood Docket Top 5: AFTRA-SAG harmony; photography copyrights questioned; musicians vs. politicians
  647. Study: 50% of indecency complaints directed at Fox; CNN's 'Situation Room' tops cablers
  648. A win for cute baby videos in battle against music label takedown notices
  649. How a production company can be both plaintiff and defendant in a lawsuit
  650. Hollywood Docket Top 5: 'Innocent infringer' punished; tweet music clearance?; Oscar lawyers
  651. Lawyer: Studio must pay for destroying Jesus Christ
  652. Oprah's Harpo sued by fired fitness trainers
  653. Hollywood Docket Top 5: 'Down Under' appeal; 50 Cent's strange sex tape; YouTube nudity
  654. Withdrawal symptoms: Sheen contracts could mean costly exit
  655. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Google's Italian job; more 'wardrobe malfunction'; Stephen Colbert's lawyer brother
  656. Scientific proof that Hollywood has broken the law
  657. New TV pilot deal language putting a squeeze on residuals
  658. Justice Scalia has some advice for aspiring screenwriters
  659. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Hollywood Stock Exchange rules; 'Jersey Shore' injunction whacked; Ving Rhames' paycheck
  660. Producer files lawsuit against TMZ for airing leaked interview of Michael Jackson's ex-wife
  661. Man assaulted on MTV's 'Jersey Shore' seeks to block DVD release
  662. Hollywood Docket Top 5: New TV quiz show scandal; Sean Penn's criminal charge; Beyonce concert lawsuit
  663. Lawsuit challenges 'Guitar Hero' ads claiming patent
  664. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Google books settlement delay; Comcast-NBCU; top 15 trademark battles
  665. Summit steps up crackdown on leaked 'Eclipse' shots
  666. Power Lawyers returns! Expands!
  667. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Google Buzz class action; Ticketmaster settlement?; Jon Gosselin
  668. Producer claims Warner Bros. killed his 'Mortal Kombat' film
  669. 'Terminator': The franchise that keeps giving to lawyers
  670. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Warners' big Redbox win; Satellite TV war; Charlie Sheen
  671. Staffing: New moves at Participant, Manatt, Sheppard Mullin, Morris Yorn
  672. Germany bans Beyonce video over underwear copyright claim (video)
  673. Sony defeats video game equal rights claim
  674. Wayne Newton probably won't be using his private jet much
  675. Hollywood Docket Top 10: Olympic luger video; 'Sherlock' tops pirated list; Stan Lee's legal fees
  676. How Veoh's demise could impact copyright law
  677. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Dr. Dre royalties; 'Avatar' plagiarism; Olympic lawyers
  678. No deals yet for 'Twilight' stars to return for fifth movie
  679. Google Buzz could cause legal problems in Hollywood
  680. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Bergstein hustles; Turner and Murdoch play nice; 'Pants on the Ground' fight brewing?
  681. Summit sues to stop 'Twilight' documentary
  682. The most Hardcore obscenity decision ever
  683. Hollywood Docket Top 5: Retrans war!; 'South Park' censorship?; Springsteen retreat
  684. Conan's 'Tonight Show' contract revealed
  685. What Sandra Bullock can teach showbiz dealmakers
  686. Fox court papers outline defense against Redbox antitrust lawsuit
  687. White Stripes claim Super Bowl commercial ripped off riff
  688. 'Whistleblower' alleges too much grass at the Golf Channel
  689. Hollywood Docket Top 5: SAG fading; Brangelina suing; Dead celebrities lobbying
  690. Judge SLAPPs Joe Francis, rules Playboy model's claims relevant to 'treatment of women'
  691. Forget Oscars; 'Avatar' beats 'Hurt Locker' for most-pirated crown
  692. Tyler Perry sued over 'Devil' song
  693. Hollywood reenactment of Prop 8 hearings (video)
  694. Hollywood Docket Top 5: EMI vs. Seeqpod dismissed; Gosselin deposition; Sinatra karaoke murders
  695. Skid Row band dispute takes early lead in lawsuit of the year race
  696. Will and Jada Smith lawsuit seeks to head off film investor claim
  697. Can Nikki Finke sue HBO over Hollywood blogger show?
  698. Hollywood Docket: Comcast-NBCU hearings; Fox's litigation rampage; Kristen Stewart jury duty
  699. Oscar screener piracy: The good and the bad news
  700. Robin Williams loses $6 million pay-or-play lawsuit over 'Cop Out'
  701. Lucasfilm sues to stop 'Skywalker' billboards
  702. Judge slaps Sumner Redstone in Midway Games bankruptcy
  703. Ruling on Men at Work's 'Down Under' causes men to chunder
  704. Hollywood Docket: Landmark copyright ruling; Wal-mart vs. Redbox; 'Avatar' screener leaks
  705. Staffing: Bloom ups Schenkman; 2 join Sheppard Mullin; Ziffren bets on Black
  706. Hollywood Docket: Comcast-NBCU hearings; E! trademark fight; Seacrest stalker
  707. Jill Scott sued by record label for undelivered albums
  708. 'MacGyver' creator wants to stop 'MacGruber' film
  709. Steven Tyler threatens to sue if he's booted from Aerosmith
  710. Hollywood Docket: 'Lost' leak; JD Salinger 'Catcher' lawsuit; 'Real Housewives' libel
  711. Rejected Super Bowl ads: What's too racy for TV? (videos)
  712. Hollywood Docket: Vivendi class action win; News Corp.'s $500 million settlement; 'Sherlock' tops most-pirated list
  713. Sly Stone claims ex-manager cost him $80 million
  714. Rolling Stone wins appeals court ruling on press freedom
  715. Hollywood Docket: iPad trademark fight ; UMG vs. Grooveshark details; China's friend of copyrights
  716. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sues producer for botching documentary
  717. Court of Appeal bites 'Dog' in TAA case
  718. Hollywood Docket: Warners blamed for Murphy death; more Gawker nude photos; Nancy Grace is shy
  719. AMC ambushes Obama billboard for 'Breaking Bad'
  720. Black Eyed Peas lawsuit goes 'Boom Boom Pow'
  721. Joe Walsh (famous guitarist) teaches Joe Walsh (Republican candidate) about copyright law
  722. Hollywood Docket: Tim Tebow's commercial; Sony Music vs. TV Guide Channel; Hollywood's monkees
  723. Yari bankruptcy: Creditor list includes Ed Norton, Paul Haggis, Warner Bros.
  724. Hollywood Docket: 'Sherlock Holmes' tops pirate list; Live Nation-Ticketmaster; Carlos the Jackal
  725. Why Tim Tebow is the new Janet Jackson
  726. Hollywood Docket: ageism settlement; file-sharing award slashed; 5 reasons why entertainment law rocks
  727. Is seeing Bobby Flay the contractual right of cable subscribers?
  728. Hollywood Docket: Supremes boost TV b'casters; Zucker on hot seat; Gordon Ramsey vs. cleaning staff
  729. Sundance 2010: The movie no lawyer should see
  730. Summit wins injunction against 'Twilight' fanzine
  731. Conan/Leno madness: the settlement aftermath
  732. Yari bankruptcy: the sequel
  733. Q&A: Sundance power lawyer John Sloss
  734. Polanski lawyers accuse prosecutor of playing politics
  735. Hollywood Docket: Conan/NBC lawyers; Nic Cage tax settlement?; Takedown letter Hall of Shame
  736. Report: US military going rogue for online content
  737. The surreal nasty/nice Conan negotiation
  738. Hollywood Docket: China yanks 'Avatar;' who owns Sherlock Holmes?; Jay-Z loses to Rockafella
  739. Studios even more afraid of unsolicited scripts
  740. Hollywood Docket: NBC keeps Conan characters; 'Goats' tops most-pirated list; internet video licenses?
  741. Conan/Leno madness: the 5 big unanswered legal questions
  742. Hollywood Docket: SAG strike 'difficult to envision'; iTunes class action; DJ AM settlement
  743. Conan/Leno madness: the legal case for NBC
  744. Hollywood Docket: Music price-fixing case returns; Fox vs. FCC (video); Coldplay song theft?
  745. Conan/Leno madness: the legal case for Conan
  746. Summit in rights battle over 'Letters to Juliet'
  747. Hollywood Docket: Google's China Syndrome; 'Wolverine' pirate speaks; Conan's new advisor
  748. Conan/Leno madness: parsing the legal ramifications
  749. Rather loses appeal in CBS case
  750. Hollywood Docket: Studios vs. merch; Sony vs. disabled gamer; UMG vs. Grooveshark
  751. 'Avatar' tops most-pirated movie list
  752. FTC offers mixed message on celebrity endorsements
  753. Hollywood Docket: Studios defeat antitrust claim; free speech vs. campaign finance law; off 'The Deep End'
  754. Hollywood Docket: Leno/Conan legal fallout; movement in Viacom/YouTube?; 3 funniest lawyers
  755. Fox News sued for airing interview with Michael Jackson ex
  756. Hollywood Docket: Polanski wants sentence; UK gets tough on ISPs; Vanessa Hudgens claims copyright in nude photos
  757. Is 'Avatar' really immune from piracy?
  758. Hollywood Docket: More 'wardrobe malfunction'; Angelyne strips 'Notorious'; $2B Chinese lawsuit
  759. Happy New Year, Viacom vs YouTube: Colbert, 'South Park' guys dragged into case
  760. Arbitrator denies $11 million distributor claim on Spike Lee's 'St. Anna'
  761. Hollywood Docket: Polanksi hearing; File-sharing damages unconstitutional?; Nintendo stops Zelda film
  762. Bergstein settles 'Black Water Transit' case before trial
  763. 'Heroes' is most-pirated TV show of 2009
  764. Kim Kardashian sued for Twitter defamation
  765. Hollywood Docket: Bono vs. pirates; Bert Fields vs. Warren Beatty biographer; Polanski vs. celebrity
  766. Kings of Leon Postpone London Concert After Tour Bus Fires
  767. TRAILER: Rachel Bilson in 'Waiting for Forever'
  768. FCC Passes Net Neutrality Rules
  769. U.K. Business Secretary 'Declared War' on Rupert Murdoch's Bid for BSkyB
  770. TRAILER: Snooki Gets Arrested in 'Jersey Shore Season 3' Clip
  771. Brother of 'Harry Potter' Actress Guilty of Assaulting Her
  772. EXCLUSIVE: 'Barney Miller' Co-Star Calls Steve Landesberg 'a Comic's Comic'
  773. The Most Pirated Film of 2010 Is...
  774. 'Sing-Off' Finale Is Down 18% - but Still Leads NBC to Monday Win
  775. Ontario Passes Ticket Scalping Law
  776. Hollywood Docket: Net Neutrality Vote; Pirate Bay Appeal; Michael Savage
  777. EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson's $35 Million Costa Rica Estate for Sale
  778. 'Cash Cab' to Launch in Chicago
  779. 'Glee' Cheerleader Heather Morris Says She's Being Considered for 'Buffy' Reboot
  780. EU Clears News Corp. to Buy BSkyB
  781. FilmOn's Alki David Challenges CBS 'Hypocrisy' on Piracy (Video)
  782. Larry David Sarcastically Praises Tax Cuts for Rich in New York Times Editorial
  783. Co-Star: Steve Landesberg Was a 'Friendly and Funny Good Guy'
  784. Snooki Paid $17,500 to Appear at Millionaire's Holiday Party
  785. VIDEO: Larry King's Standup Debut on 'The Tonight Show'
  786. Al Pacino's 'Merchant of Venice' Extended on Broadway
  787. Who Is 2010's Top Grossing Actor?
  788. Chinese Director Jin Working on Hollywood Feature Script, Pilot
  789. VIDEO: 'American Idol' Welcome Home Special
  790. Vintage Video: The Damned Things' Joe Trohman on 'Stairway To Heaven'