1. Gaga was to open for Michael Jackson
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  9. Tired and uninspired
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  22. Arcade Fire announces brief U.S. tour
  23. Ted Koppel's son found dead
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  26. Stevens family matriarch dies
  27. Canwest revitalized after $2 bil takeover from Shaw
  28. Icahn extends Lionsgate offer to June 16
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  32. Homer Simpson named greatest character
  33. Kim Masters joins The Hollywood Reporter
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  39. Piracy cost Spain $6 bil in 2nd half of '09
  40. Imax, AMC enlarge N. American theatre deal
  41. Michael Edelstein appointed at NBC Uni Int'l
  42. Stockholm Film Fest to honor Dennis Hopper
  43. 'Third Star' to close Edinburgh fest
  44. Quartet join 'Junkhearts' cast
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  46. NHK to merge digital satellite channels
  47. Blinkbox adds 600 hours of free programming
  48. Albania joins European Film Promotion
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