1. NBC ups alternative exec Meredith Ahr
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  3. 'Smallville' duo to write 'Monster High' film
  4. Hunt for MGM CEO hits snag
  5. 'Killers' to close Shanghai fest Sunday
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  19. Redbox, Paramount extend deal to 2011
  20. FilmBuff picks up Obama documentary
  21. Jafar Panahi unable to pick up Taormina nod
  22. Fox Sports en Espanol taps Vincent Cordero
  23. Lawrence O'Donnell to host MSNBC show
  24. Aretha Franklin gives Apollo surprise show
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  26. BET Awards to honor Prince
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  29. Bedrock backs Andrew Adamson banner
  30. William Shatner, Movie Central partner on doc
  31. Peladeau launching right-wing channel
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  41. Canuck media to grow faster than U.S. market
  42. BSkyB shares up as it rejects News Corp offer
  43. Sonic Solutions, Boxee team up
  44. 'Hannah Arendt,' 'Vivaldi' get NRW subsidies
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  46. Pisano calls for 'open and free' industry in China
  47. 'Zonad' leads Irish vanguard in Shanghai