1. Commentary: U.S. needs stars' attention too
  2. 'Expendables' star a Fulbright scholar?
  3. Geeks on a bad streak at box office
  4. 20th Century Fox taps Jeremy Kramer
  5. MGM, ITV renew deal for Bond films
  6. Wall Street lukewarm to Hulu IPO plans
  7. David Ellison's Skydance raises $350 mil
  8. Broadcasters launch PR offensive over retrans
  9. 'Real Housewives of NJ' star reportedly fired
  10. Captured Light, Goldwyn nab 'GhettoPhysics'
  11. Dr. Laura feeling more heat from opposition
  12. JetBlue Guy Steven Slater: Hollywood's most wanted
  13. David Madden tapped as Fox TV president
  14. Kanye West, Justin Bieber talk collaboration
  15. German girl band singer faces HIV trial
  16. Music photographer Herman Leonard dies
  17. Gap Band bassist Robert Wilson dies
  18. Hacker tries canceling Guns N' Roses tour
  19. Mel Gibson involved in Malibu crash
  20. KTLA's Sam Rubin launches talk show
  21. Clint Eastwood's 'Hereafter' to close NYFF
  22. January Jones to present at Emmys
  23. James Bond films to keep airing on ITV
  24. CRTC rescinds Canyon TV license approval
  25. ScreenSingapore set for June 2011
  26. Spike renews 'Deadliest Warrior'
  27. TBS orders 90 'Are We There Yet?' episodes
  28. 'Expendables' ups Lionsgate price target
  29. Zsa Zsa Gabor requests last rites
  30. Graceland marks 33 years since Elvis' death
  31. Bell Lightbox unveils fall film lineup
  32. Metrodome acquires Target Entertainment
  33. 'Khichdi' to become feature film
  34. 3D 'Narnia' chosen as Royal Film Performance
  35. Pike joins MPA-APSA panel
  36. Melbourne fest names Carey artistic director
  37. China chases Japan on animation
  38. 'American Idol' to refocus on talent
  39. Dish launches new Epix film channel
  40. Relativity eyes Paramount's Bertram as COO
  41. James Cameron spends birthday underwater
  42. JetBlue's Steven Slater gets reality TV offer
  43. Lindsay Lohan could leave rehab this week
  44. Hulu eyes IPO as early as fall
  45. Televisa TV stations under grenade attack