1. Spoofs seek proof of life at box office
  2. 'The Tourist' books Dec. 10 release
  3. 'Samson & Delilah' to open Oct. 15
  4. 'Going Blind' to open at New York's Quad Cinema
  5. Dozen writers chosen for Screenwriters Lab
  6. Content-rights deals a hurdle for TV apps
  7. Netflix CEO to give Sundance summit keynote
  8. 'True Blood' actress gets 'Someday This Pain'
  9. Eminem regains top Billboard spot
  10. Kings of Leon reject 'Glee' request
  11. EXCLUSIVE: Spyglass' plan to erase MGM debt
  12. 'Date Night' tops all three video charts
  13. 'Ink' star tweets about Jesse James romance
  14. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler tumbles in Toronto
  15. Dr. Laura signoff is talk of the town
  16. Vevo launches iPhone, iPod Touch apps
  17. NBR acquires 'Nightly Business Report'
  18. Eric Clapton announces 'Clapton' release
  19. Justin Bieber added to list of VMA performers
  20. Kanye West, Justin Bieber project confirmed
  21. Betty White to pen two books
  22. Verizon to bring FiOS TV to iPad next year
  23. Joel McHale presenting at the Emmys
  24. U2 working on 'club-sounding' album
  25. 'Virtual' testimony granted in Kanye West suit
  26. Panel: Korean films need new approach to int'l
  27. 12 titles chosen for San Seb Pearls sidebar
  28. Ernest Borgnine to be honored by SAG
  29. Berlin film business booms in face of crisis
  30. Canuck Glenn Gould biopic gets U.S. release
  31. ITV plans multi-media assault for 'X-Factor'
  32. China could get iPad, iPhone 4 in Sept.
  33. EMI cuts losses, but faces more debt woes
  34. Mel Gibson probes now a package deal
  35. Pusan's PPP welcomes 27 projects
  36. Are Republican women more attractive?
  37. 'The Expendables' sold to Spike TV
  38. Democrats berate Rupert Murdoch
  39. 'Hawaii Five-0' star sustains knee injury
  40. BBC apologizes for weatherman gesture
  41. Reliance-CBS to launch with three channels
  42. J:Com continues subscriber growth
  43. Sundance Institute hires marketing exec