1. Lady Gaga, ex-lover withdraw dueling lawsuits
  2. RiverRun honors late THR film critic
  3. It's not 'Easy' making a sexless sex comedy
  4. 'ET' exec exits CBS to start company
  5. Investment advisors plead guilty to tax scheme
  6. ABC marketing co-chief steps down
  7. Kenneth Starr pleads guilty to fraud
  8. Hotel strikes threaten weekend at Toronto fest
  9. 'The King's Speech' team signs on for 'Lady'
  10. Screen Media nabs rights to 'White Lion'
  11. Roger Ebert reviving 'At the Movies'
  12. 'In the Future' wins Venice's Queer Lion
  13. No Kanye West, Taylor Swift duet at VMAs
  14. Leonardo DiCaprio granted three-year restraining order
  15. Nathan Lane joins 'Cancer' telethon
  16. Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch to testify?
  17. Gwyneth Paltrow sings in 'Country Strong'
  18. 'Life, Above All' is S. Africa's Oscar bid
  19. Spanish pirate to pay $5.1 mil security deposit
  20. 'Outsourced' stars: Who should replace Steve Carell?
  21. Vertice takes 50% of Powwow Media Partners
  22. Canuck phone giant BCE buys CTV network
  23. Tokyo fest gets 30-minute 'Tron' trailer
  24. Facebook edges out Google
  25. 'The Situation' denied legal use of name
  26. Goran Paskaljevic to head San Seb jury
  27. Miike remakes '13 Assassins'
  28. Olive Films takes 'When We Leave' for U.S.
  29. Poles pick 'All That I Love' for Oscar race
  30. Jane Campion to head Mumbai festival
  31. Eros readies IPO later this month
  32. South Indian film loses two leading lights
  33. Kumar cooks up 'Masterchef India'