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127 Hours

‘127 Hours’ Subject Aron Ralston Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

James Franco portrayed the adventurer -- who was forced to cut off his forearm after getting trapped by a boulder in a Utah canyon -- in the 2010 movie.

Danny Boyle on His Psychological Thriller ‘Trance’ and Why Coppola Is King

Speaking at a BAFTA/LA gathering, the Oscar-winning director says, "I was a punk" and that movement still influences "the way I make films."

Inside the Governor’s Ball: Oscar Nominee Hailee Steinfeld the Belle of the Ball

"The Fighter's" Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale were eager to introduce themselves to "True Grit's" young star at the post-Oscar party.

‘The King’s Speech’ Reigns at Oscars

The British drama wins best picture, lead actor, director and original screenplay honors at the 83rd Academy Awards; Natalie Portman, Melissa Leo and Christian Bale join Colin Firth as winners in acting categories.

Spirit Award Nominees Aaron Eckhart, Eli Roth Share Harrowing Set Moments (VIDEO)

Casts and crews faced everything from alligators to broken limbs during the making of their independent films.

James Franco = Mark Twain + Ashton Kutcher, Danny Boyle = William Castle

Two pro-Javier Bardem quipster critics nail Franco's Oscar problem, which casts light on Natalie Portman and Annette Bening's down-to-the-wire race.

James Franco Gives Encouragement to Aron Ralston on ‘Minute to Win It’

The mountain climber, whom Franco portrays in "127 Hours," won $125,000 for charity on the NBC game show.

Oscars: Will the Loudest Actors Win?

If you want an Oscar, it doesn't pay to play it cool. Here are the noisiest contenders -- and likeliest to win on Sunday.

8 Ways the Oscars Are Going to Be Radically Different This Year

With James Franco and Anne Hathaway gracing the cover of the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, the telecast producers reveal plans for a respectful facelift.

James Franco Joins Facebook and Twitter

The actor also picked up the Vanguard Award Saturday at Boulder International Film Festival.

The Biggest Lies of the Oscar Contenders

How this year's crop of best picture nominees occasionally bends the truth.