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Gerard Butler Says Unexpected Delivery of Iconic ‘300’ Line Made Cast Laugh

In a GQ video posted Monday, actor Gerard Butler explains when he screamed the iconic '300' line "This is Sparta!" that his army almost broke character laughing.

Honest Trailers Hits 50th Installment With ‘300’ (Video)

Creator Andy Signore and narrator Jon Bailey talk with THR about studio reactions, favorite moments and what's next for the series that has mocked everything from "Titanic" to "The Dark Knight."

Gerard Butler on Sacrificing His Life, Declining the ‘300’ Sequel and His … Bar Mitzvah

The Scottish actor speaks with THR about his new film, "Olympus Has Fallen"; discusses whether he could die for somebody; and clears the air over why he's not returning to Sparta.

Iran’s Promised Hollywood Lawsuit to Go Beyond ‘Argo’ (Report)

"300," “The Wrestler,” and “Not Without My Daughter” have been named by Tehran as additional targets for “distorting the country’s image.”

Warner Bros. Gives ‘300’ Sequel a New Title

The movie is the follow-up to the 2006 Zack Snyder adaptation of the Frank Miller comic book mini-series.

Legendary Entertainment Acquires Nerdist Industries

The production company responsible for "Batman Begins," "300" and "Inception" hopes to broaden Nerdist's reach "as an autonomous editorial brand."

‘Dark Shadows’ Star Eva Green on Her ‘300: Battle of Artemisia’ Character: ‘She’s Like a Man’ (Video)

During an interview with THR for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows," she reveals she's playing a character "that has some balls" in the upcoming sequel to Zack Snyder's "300."

Summer Release Dates Set for ‘Hangover 3,’ ‘300’ Sequel

Warner Bros.' high-profile summer 2013 slate also includes "Pacific Rim," now set for July 12.

Eva Green in Talks to Star in ‘300’ Prequel at Warner Bros. (Exclusive)

The movie, which is currently working with the title '300: Battle of Artemisia,' is being directed by Noam Murro.

Warner Bros. to Chop Up Movies Into Easily-Searched Clips

A deal with AnyClip will involve classics like "Casablanca" and "The Wizard of Oz," as well as some contemporary favorites.

Holy Terrible: Reviews of Frank Miller’s ‘Holy Terror’ Are In

The comic book legend's latest work is praised for its opening sequence, but also called both "sloppy" and "surprisingly thin."

Toronto 2011: ‘Heleno’ Star Rodrigo Santoro on Getting Film Cast and Crew to Pull Together

The talents of a film producer are much like those of Brazil's national team coach, insists the Latin American star, in getting your side to perform as one, whether on a soccer field or a film set.