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China Box Office: Anime ‘Suzume’ Dominates as ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and ’65’ Flop

Makoto Shinkai’s Japanese anime sensation Suzume held strong at the top of China’s box office over the weekend, earning $22.1 million while easily defeating Paramount’s Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and Sony’s 65, which both flopped. Suzume has earned $80.6 million in China, better than any other international film released in the country this […]

‘65’ Filmmakers Beck and Woods Just Want to Bring Some Mystery Back to Movie Theaters

65 filmmakers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods long for the days when moviegoing was filled with mystery and intrigue regarding the experience that lies ahead. Nowadays, cinemagoers are more aware than ever before of what they’re going to get on screen, due to increasingly revealing trailers that are turned into events and dissected to no […]

‘65’ Star Adam Driver Talks His Sci-Fi Dinosaur Thriller and the Eerie ‘White Noise’ Parallels in Ohio

65 star Adam Driver is all about consistency. He prides himself on doing as much of his own stunt work as a production will allow, but it’s not because he wants to impress anyone. It’s because he wants his characters’ physicality to remain consistent throughout any given film, and his latest sci-fi thriller, 65, from […]

‘65’ Star Ariana Greenblatt Talks Getting Adam Driver to Break, ‘Barbie’ and Prank Calls with Josh Brolin

At 15, 65 star Ariana Greenblatt is already an old pro. She’s had a varied and prolific career as a child performer, and she’s especially well-versed in the art of acting opposite CG characters, whether that’s Josh Brolin’s Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Sam Rockwell’s gorilla in The One and Only Ivan or the titular […]

‘65’ Trailer Pits Adam Driver Against Dinosaurs After Space Mission Gone Wrong

Adam Driver is facing off against dinosaurs in the first full trailer for Sony Pictures’ sci-fi thriller 65. Set 65 million years in the past, the film centers on a spacecraft pilot named Mills who realizes he and a child, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), are the only two survivors of a crash on a mysterious planet. […]