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Aaron Carter

Nick Carter Seeks Restraining Order Against Brother Aaron

The Carter brothers' relationship has been rocky over the past few years, but the drama seems to have escalated, as Nick revealed via Twitter on Tuesday that he and his sister Angel are seeking a…

Aaron Carter Checks Back Into Rehab

Roughly 10 days after leaving, the singer returns to a facility to complete his program.

Aaron Carter Checks Into Rehab

The singer was charged with a DUI in July.

Aaron Carter Comes Out as Bisexual in Heartfelt Note

Carter states that "when I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive."

Aaron Carter Lashes out at Brother Nick After DUI Arrest Support Statement

After Nick promised his younger brother help, Aaron retaliated with attack, addressing how to recover from "gossip and defamation" and accusing Nick of handling the situation unfairly.

Aaron Carter Attacked at Concert After Being Accused of Racial Remark

The singer was reportedly attacked onstage by a fellow musician during a performance on Friday night.

Donald Trump Loses Aaron Carter Endorsement

The musician's reversal comes two months after he publicly declared his support of the GOP candidate.

Aaron Carter Files for Bankruptcy

"This is a problem that's existed for a long time that he's now made the decision to do something about," the singer's rep says.

Nick and Aaron Carter’s Sister Leslie Dies at 25

The singer, who welcomed a baby girl last April, was signed to DreamWorks Records in the late '90s.

Aaron Carter Joins Off-Broadway ‘Fantasticks’ Cast

The 23-year-old will take over the role of Matt in the long-running production, beginning Nov. 7.