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Abigail Disney

Ex-Staff Decry “Heartbreaking” Treatment at Abigail Disney’s Level Forward

The company, co-founded with Adrienne Becker to back inclusive projects and promote an equitable workplace, now finds itself reckoning with internal missteps. Says…

Abigail Disney Criticizes Disney World for Reopening Amid Spiraling Pandemic

Abigail Disney on Wednesday again went after the company her grandfather helped found, saying The Walt Disney Co. was acting irresponsibly by reopening its theme parks while the novel coronavirus…

Richard Curtis, Abigail Disney Call for “Permanent” Tax on Wealthy to Fund Virus Recovery

Richard Curtis and Abigail Disney are among a group of 83 millionaires calling for an immediate and permanent tax on the super wealthy to pay for recovery efforts after the novel coronavirus…

Abigail Disney Slams Walt Disney Co. for Protecting Dividends While Furloughing 100,000

Disney heir Abigail Disney has attacked the Hollywood conglomerate for protecting $1.5 billion in dividends and executive bonuses while furloughing more than 100,000 workers.

Abigail Disney’s Fork Films Reveals Documentary Grant Recipients

Fork Films — the New York-based production company founded by Abigail Disney — has announced the documentary film recipients of over $400,000 in grant funding.

Abigail Disney Calls for “Dignity” and “Human Rights” for Disneyland Employees

The heiress to Walt Disney's fortune says a trip to Disneyland to speak with employees about their working conditions made her feel "livid" about the pay disparity between on-the-ground workers and…

Abigail Disney-Produced Documentary ‘Afterward’ Lands at Abramorama (Exclusive)

Abramorama has nabbed the North American rights to 'Afterward,' director Ofra Bloch's documentary that is executive produced by filmmaker and activist Abigail Disney, whose great-uncle was Walt…

Abigail Disney Urges Walt Disney Co. to “Lead” in Op-Ed About Wage Inequality

In an op-ed published in The Washington Post on Tuesday, Abigail Disney has weighed in on the Walt Disney Co., co-founded by her great uncle, in regard to wage inequality.

Abigail Disney Calls Bob Iger’s $65.6M Salary “Insane”

Filmmaker and activist Abigail Disney — granddaughter of company co-founder Roy Disney — says she believes that Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger is grossly overpaid.

Abigail Disney Backs New Hollywood Misconduct Database Rotten Apples

Disney is investing in the website via Level Forward, the new female-led venture she runs alongside Hollywood veteran Adrienne Becker.

Walt Disney Heiress Courts Evangelicals With Anti-Gun Movie

Well versed in her family's conservative politics, Abigail Disney discusses her new film 'The Armor of Light' (out Oct. 30), which tackles the gun controversy while also reaching out to…

Tribeca 2015: Sandy Hook-Inspired Doc Isn’t “Another Wrestling Match About Guns”

Abigail Disney's 'The Armor of Light' tells the story of an anti-abortion activist and preacher who strikes an unlikely alliance with a pro-choice woman challenging Florida's Stand Your Ground law in…