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Abu Dhabi Media Summit

Imax CEO Defends ‘Crouching Tiger 2’ Release Plans: “Windows are Going to Hold”

Rich Gelfond also talked about the global film market at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit

‘Big Hero 6’ to Close Abu Dhabi Film Festival

The event's eighth edition will open for the first time with a world premiere by a local Emirati director

The World Before Her: Abu Dhabi Review

Nisha Pahuja's prize-winning documentary alternates between two very different perspectives of current Indian society.

Oscar-Winning Editor Discusses Drawbacks of Digital Editing Systems

Directors need to think more about story, says French editor Françoise Bonnot, who has worked with Julie Taymor, Roman Polanksi and Michael Cimino.

Motion-Capture Expert: Stars Risk Appearing in Simulated Porn if Data Falls Into Wrong Hands

Middle East computer-generated imagery pro Clyde DeSouza warns that Hollywood's biggest actors could wind up starring in adult films if studios aren't careful.

Abu Dhabi: CNN, Sky News Arabia Take Different Approaches to Serving News Junkies

In competition with the likes of Al Jazeera, one offers a U.S. perspective on the news, the other promises to provide "New Horizons" for Arabic speakers.

Richard Gere, Nate Parker, Nicholas Jarecki Help Open Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Executive producer Mohammed Al Turki who grew up in the Middle East said "I never thought I could embark on a film career," but his dream has come true.

Google Executive Shares the Online Giant’s Rules to Enable Innovation

"Morph ideas, don't kill them" is one of nine rules, Mohammad Gawdat, vp, emerging markets tells the Abu Dhabi Media Summit.

Arab Youth, Entrepreneurs in Spotlight on Final Day of Abu Dhabi Media Summit

A top Viacom executive also presents research on the millennial generation in the Arab world that shows similar optimism and digital media usage as in other regions.

Abu Dhabi Media Summit Puts Spotlight on ‘Arab Digital Generation’

A survey found that 83 percent of young Arabs use the Internet daily.

DreamWorks Oriental to Eventually Produce Two, Three Films a Year in China

The Chinese venture will likely pick its first film to be fully produced in Shanghai by early 2013, says Li Ruigang, chairman of venture partner China Media Capital.

YouTube Mulls Allowing Original Content Partners to Charge for Subscriptions

Robert Kyncl, global head of content at the Google-owned video site, tells the Abu Dhabi Media Summit that a majority of channels would likely remain ad-supported.