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Actors Equity

Performers’ Unions “Demand Action” on Workplace Harassment Allegations Amid Scott Rudin Claims

Days after The Hollywood Reporter's story on producer Scott Rudin, leaders from SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity and American Federation of Musicians Local 802 said in a joint statement that "every corporate…

SAG-AFTRA, IATSE Declare Support for Actors Equity Strike As Union Warns Off Strikebreakers

SAG-AFTRA and IATSE declared support for an Actors Equity strike seeking a share of profits for actors who help develop successful new Broadway plays, especially musicals.

Musicians Union Declares Support for Actors Strike Over Share of Broadway Profits

The NY Local of the musicians union on Wednesday declared its support for an Actors Equity strike seeking a share of profits for its members who help develop successful new Broadway plays, especially…

Actors Equity on Strike for Share of Record Broadway Profits

Actors Equity is seeking a share of profits for its members who help develop successful new plays, especially musicals.

How Trump’s Tax Policy Hurts Hollywood Workers

When it comes to tax breaks in Hollywood, Donald Trump's policy is hurting Hollywood workers.

Study: New Tax Bill “Shafts” Working Entertainers But Stars Are Untouched

An exclusive analysis by Actors Equity shows taxes skyrocketing and may force actors, writers, directors, producers and crew to self-incorporate, entailing additional expense.

Equity Proposal to Pay Actors Roils Los Angeles 99-Seat Theatre Producers

Paying minimum wage is a non-starter say producers, many of whom are Equity members.

It’s a Play! It’s Live Internet TV! It’s Both, and it Opens in Los Angeles on Friday

'The Noir Series' harkens back to the days of live TV but presents a thoroughly modern challenge to entertainment unions

New Service Launches to Pay Union Bonds (Exclusive)

For a fee, BondIt will front the security deposit required by SAG-AFTRA and other unions, relieving a cash flow problem confronted by independent productions.

Tom Carpenter leaves SAG-AFTRA, joins Actors’ Equity as General Counsel

The union's chief labor counsel departs for a legal and executive role at Actors Equity – further consolidating the power of former SAG staff in the merged union's executive ranks.

Musicians Union Lends ‘Full Support’ to SAG-AFTRA Merger

The AFM joins Actors Equity in endorsing the proposed merger.

SAG-AFTRA Merger: How Actors Get Real Power

Combining a merged SAG-AFTRA with musicians (yes, musicians) would create a superunion poised to dominate Hollywood.