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Actress Roundtable

“This Is the New Me”: Emilia Clarke, Michelle Williams and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actress Roundtable

Patricia Arquette, Christine Baranski, Emilia Clarke, Danai Gurira, Niecy Nash and Michelle Williams sound off in The Hollywood Reporter's Drama Actress Roundtable.

Watch Hollywood Reporter’s Full, Uncensored Actress Roundtable With Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close

The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Roundtable features Glenn Close, Lady Gaga, Kathryn Hahn, Nicole Kidman, Regina King and Rachel Weisz, who talk about the current state of Hollywood.

‘Private Life’ Star Kathryn Hahn on the Story of a Couple’s “Co-Midlife Crisis”

"These stories, these hyperpersonal, specific human, human, human stories — that’s what I’m excited about," Kathryn Hahn told the Actress Roundtable of her film 'Private Life.'

Glenn Close Talks Getting ‘The Wife’ Made and the “Need for Personal Fulfillment”

"We need to feed our souls and our hearts, and I think that's what our work does. You can do both," Glenn Close told the Actress Roundtable.

Regina King on Working With Barry Jenkins: “He Is Truly a Collaborator”

"I want to have ownership in telling the story," King told the Actress Roundtable. "What's the point of being a part of it if not?"

Rachel Weisz “Has a Real Problem” With the Phrase “Strong Women Characters”

"No one ever says that to a man. Women have central roles that are complex and drive the narrative," the Oscar winner told the Actress Roundtable.

Nicole Kidman on the Similarities Between Her Roles in ‘Boy Erased’ and ‘Destroyer’

Nicole Kidman is entering the awards race with two films and two drastically different roles in Joel Edgerton’s 'Boy Erased' and Karyn Kasama’s 'Destroyer.'

Lady Gaga Feels Like She’s “Still Recovering” From ‘A Star Is Born’

"It was a sanctuary of trust, and when I saw that trust with Bradley [Cooper], I said, 'OK I'm going to have to become someone that I do not have complete control over.'" Lady Gaga told The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Roundtable.

“There Is a Strength in Vulnerability”: The Actress Roundtable

In The Hollywood Reporter's actress roundtable, six leading ladies — Glenn Close, Lady Gaga, Kathryn Hahn, Nicole Kidman, Regina King and Rachel Weisz — open up about how Hollywood is different now and one 'very subtle' #MeToo moment.

Watch Hollywood Reporter’s Full, Uncensored Actress Roundtable With Saoirse Ronan, Mary J. Blige, Allison Janney and More

The Actress Roundtable brings together Saoirse Ronan, Mary J. Blige, Allison Janney, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain.

Jessica Chastain Talks Sexual Harassment Allegations, Working With Aaron Sorkin

For THR's Actress Roundtable, Chastain discussed her new film 'Molly's Game' and making changes in the entertainment industry.