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Wattpad, Banijay’s NL Film to Adapt Muslim YA Romance ’36 Questions (And Lots of Coffee)’

Wattpad, Banijay's NL Film to adapt Muslim YA Romance '36 Questions (and lots of coffee)'. Samya Hafsaoui’s Muslim romance tale was a hit on Wattpad's Dutch platform.

Indie Execs Say Content Is No Longer King — Data Is

Business models on which the industry has relied for decades are breaking apart as studio blockbusters grab an increasingly large share of the domestic box office and streaming platforms splinter the audience for niche and indie fare.

In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of ‘Hellboy,’ ‘Little’ and More

Read on to see what The Hollywood Reporter's critics have to say about Friday's releases, including 'Hellboy,' 'Little,' 'After' and 'Teen Spirit.'

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Heat: Which Erotic Novels Will Be Movies Next

Amid the film's blockbuster success, a wake of big- and small-screen adaptations are in development based on books including 'Beautiful Bastard,' 'After,' 'On the Island' and the 'Crossfire' series.

Paladin and Accretion Films Nab Psychological Thriller ‘After’

The film marks the feature directorial debut of Pieter Gaspersz, who also produced the movie with screenwriter Sabrina Gennarino.