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Alexander Skarsgard

How Underselling ‘The Northman’s’ Fantasy Proved to Be Its Biggest Box Office Battle

Blood, fire and fate. These three elements swirl about the films of Robert Eggers, as he borrows from the old in order to create something that feels novel, surprising in its authenticity and driven by a perspective that could only stem from modern times, but a voice that feels distinctly outside of it. Eggers’ latest […]

Why This 12-Year-Old Actor Kept Role as Young Bruce Wayne in ‘The Batman’ a Secret From Classmates

Following the March release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, some of Oscar Novak’s friends cornered him at school with a pressing question: Was that you on the big-screen? The 12-year-old admitted that, yes, it was him starring as a young Bruce Wayne in the Warner Bros. film, a confirmation that also revealed an occupation he’d […]

‘The Northman’ Filmmaker Robert Eggers on Nailing Nude Battle Scene, Managing Epic Production

Standing front and center beneath the big screen inside Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre, Robert Eggers had an important message to share about The Northman. “I want to say that this is not a film by Robert Eggers,” said the filmmaker on Monday night ahead of the premiere as he was joined by actors Alexander Skarsgard, […]

How Trainer Magnus Lygdback Got Alexander Skarsgard in Shape for ‘The Northman’ With 1-Hour Workouts

Magnus Lygbäck doesn’t mess around. The Swedish trainer and nutritionist — credited with perfecting superhero-like physiques for star clients like Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman, Alicia Vikander on Tomb Raider and James McAvoy on Glass — has a laser-like focus in the gym with training plans that require maximum effort and minimal time. Few know that […]

Alexander Skarsgard’s Ax-Throwing Skills Are a Work in Progress

Vikings and axes go hand in hand, so it might seem a safe bet that the star of Robert Eggers’ upcoming revenge thriller The Northman, Alexander Skarsgård (seen brandishing one on the poster and in various bloody axe-based rampages throughout the film), might be skilled with the weapon in real life. Not so fast. Focus […]

Alexander Skarsgard Can’t Escape His Fate in ‘The Northman’ Trailer

A little over a week ahead of its theatrical release, Robert Eggers’ The Northman dropped a second official trailer with new footage of the film’s all-star cast that includes Alexander Skarsgard, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe. “Fate has no mercy,” begins the nearly two-minute trailer as Skarsgard’s Amleth looks into a hut […]

Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman in Robert Eggers’ ‘The Northman’: Film Review

Claes Bang, Anya Taylor-Joy and Ethan Hawke also star in this big, bloody medieval Viking saga of fate, family and revenge.

Alexander Skarsgard Seeks Revenge in ‘The Northman’ Trailer

“I will avenge you, Father. I will save you, Mother. I will kill you, Fjolnir.” Alexander Skarsgard repeats these phrases over and over again in the first trailer for Robert Eggers’ The Northman. Set at the turn of the 10th century in Iceland, the action-packed film from Focus Features follows a young Viking prince Amleth […]

How to Rent the Italian Villas Featured on ‘Succession’ Season 3

When the Roy family and their associates travel to Italy on season three of Succession, their obsessions and machinations play out against grand old-world tableaux, thanks to three magnificent villas that get substantial screen time. In the eighth episode of the hit HBO show, “Chiantishire,” Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) meets up with tech entrepreneur Lukas […]

Alexander Skarsgard to Guest-Star in Lars Von Trier’s ‘The Kingdom Exodus’

Swedish star Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Godzilla vs. Kong) has joined the cast of The Kingdom Exodus, the final season of the cult TV series from Danish director Lars von Trier. Skarsgard, who starred alongside Kirsten Dunst in Von Trier’s Melancholia (2011), will have a guest role on the series, a surreal hospital drama about […]

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’: Film Review

Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall and Brian Tyree Henry head the cast in this epic smackdown between two monster-movie legends, both of them also facing a man-made threat.

‘Passing’: Film Review | Sundance 2021

Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga play light-skinned Black women in 1920s New York, navigating the "color line" in different ways in Rebecca Hall's adaptation of the Harlem Renaissance novel.