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Alfred Gough

“We Had Freedom to Change the Mythology:” An Oral History of ‘Smallville’

Twenty years ago, audiences believed a boy would fly (someday). Smallville debuted on The WB on Oct. 16, 2001, just four weeks after the Sept. 11 terror attacks shook the foundations of the…

WME Signs ‘Into the Badlands’ Creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Exclusive)

WME has signed 'Into the Badlands' and 'Smallville' creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Hollywood Flashback: A 20-Something Justice League First Assembled on TV’s ‘Smallville’ in 2007

The sixth season of the WB series showed a youthful version of the superhero posse that included star Tom Welling along with future 'This Is Us' actor Justin Hartley.

‘Into the Badlands’ EPs Aim for “Artful” Martial Arts Series

"These fights are like big dance numbers, and you see the dancers dancing," said co-showrunner Al Gough.

Judge Sends ‘Smallville’ Vertical Integration Lawsuit to Trial

A jury will decide whether Warner Bros. Television made sweetheart deals that lost millions for Miles Millar, Alfred Gough and Tollin/Robbins Productions.

ABC Cancels ‘Charlie’s Angels’

UPDATED: The network has yet to make a decision on what will take its place.

3 Things ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Learned from ‘Smallville’

Co-creator Al Gough tells THR how telling the story of Clark Kent/Superman helped prepare him to tackle the ABC reboot.

‘Charlie’s Angels’: Back Story Will Be Chief Among ABC Series’ Differences

Producers also note a replacement for Robert Wagner, who voiced Charlie in the pilot, is "coming shortly."