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America to Me

America to Us: Hollywood Reporter TV Critics Pick 11 Great Shows to Celebrate the Fourth of July

The Hollywood Reporter's TV critics explore 11 shows that embody, reflect or examine American virtues and failings, as well as a measure of optimism.

‘America to Me’ Director on Tackling Racial Inequality in American Schools

'Hope Dreams' Helmer Steve James talks diving back into the hopes and realities of the Chicago school system, this time following students in docuseries 'America to Me' set in Oak Park, Illinois.

Daniel Fienberg: The 10 Best TV Shows of 2018

The Hollywood Reporter’s television critic, Daniel Fienberg, choose the best 10 TV shows of 2018.

Steve James on ‘America to Me’ Impact, Racist Incidents at Oak Park High School in Wake of Series Finale

In the weeks since James' docuseries on racial disparities in academic achievement finished its run on Starz, the Chicago-area high school where it was filmed has seen a rash of racist incidents — including graffiti targeting one of the teachers featured.

Racist Graffiti Found at High School Featured in Starz Docuseries ‘America to Me’

Since the finale of Steve James' 'America to Me' aired Oct. 28, the Chicago-area high school where the Starz docuseries was set has experienced a rash of incidents including racist graffiti and — during a Friday assembly to honor alumni — an image of a swastika sent to attendees' phones.

Hollywood Reporter TV Critics Debate: ‘Romanoffs,’ ‘Conners’ and Other Fall Standouts and Stumbles

THR's chief TV critics lament broadcast mediocrities, celebrate under-the-radar cable/streaming gems and ponder whether or not stars really matter on the small screen.

‘America to Me’: Meet OPRF Principal Nate Rouse

Oak Park and River Forest High School principal Nate Rouse was against allowing Steve James to film his docuseries about race and education at his suburban Chicago school, but he's ready to take advantage of the national spotlight.

‘America to Me’: Meet OPRF School Board President Jackie Moore

In 2015, Oak Park and River Forest High School board president Jackie Moore and her colleagues voted 6-1, over the objections of the principal and superintendent, to give Steve James permission to film his docuseries 'America to Me' at the school.

‘America to Me’: Meet OPRF Teacher Paul Collins

The OPRF head wrestling coach and special ed teacher talks about how school's reading program contributes to the its equity goals.

‘America to Me’: Meet OPRF Teacher Aaron Podolner

Physics teacher Aaron Podolner, whose strained relationship with student Jada Buford is central to her arc in 'America to Me,' talks about the feedback he's gotten and the lessons he's learned.

‘America to Me’: Meet OPRF Teacher Paul Noble

The English teacher has been at the school since 1987, one of the longest tenures among current faculty.

‘America to Me’: Meet OPRF Teacher Anthony Clark

The special education teacher, who was born and raised in Oak Park and graduated from OPRF, has been an outspoken advocate for change at the school.