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AFM: ‘Bezos The Beginning’ Delves into the Business Brain Before the Billions

It’s easy to forget that, before he was a multi-multi-billionaire with a penchant for phallic-shaped spaceships and whose record-breaking divorce bill barely scratched his status as one of the world’s wealthiest individuals (current position: number 2 behind Elon Musk), Jeff Bezos was just a regular Wall Street exec with a big idea.  But it’s this pre-global domination […]

AFM First Look: Liz Hurley in VMI’s Supernatural Thriller ‘Piper’ (Exclusive)

Liz Hurley comes up against an evil, child-stealing folklore legend in supernatural thriller Piper. A darker and contemporary twist on the Pied Piper of Hamelin story, whose vindictive restless spirit seeks out those who have gotten away with a crime, and punishes them by taking away their children, the film comes from Anthony Waller, with VMI Worldwide handling […]

Millennium at 30: 10 Movies That Made the Indie Action Powerhouse

Action stars old and new, gun fights, punch ups, explosions, Gerard Butler saving the U.S. president — if it says Millennium on the tin, it’s generally easy to imagine what’s inside. To celebrate 30 hugely successful years in the busines, the company has picked out 10 films from its library that best represents its rise to , […]

AFM: Is ‘Yuletide the Knot’ This Year’s Christmas Pun Star?’

Fans of festive film puns are no doubt rejoicing this year over the imminent arrival of Universal’s black comedy Violent Night. Sure, the film may star David Harbour as a boozy Santa Claus forced to take on a team of heavily armed mercenaries led by John Leguizamo, but for many the genius movie title alone is enough of a […]

Eric Roberts on His 700 (and Counting) Screen Credits: “I’m One of The Luckiest Guys in Hollywood”

Eric Roberts doesn’t hold the Guinness World Record for the most screen credits for a living actor. That honor goes to the Indian star Brahmanandam, currently with more than 1,170 titles to his name. But Roberts is quickly catching up. According to his (endlessly updating) IMDb page, he’s appeared in some 700 films and TV […]

Elvis Mitchell Takes a Deep Dive on Black Cinema With Netflix Documentary

As a critic and scholar, Elvis Mitchell has spent his career writing about film. With the doc Is That Black Enough for You?!?, he tried his hand at making one himself. The documentary, which will screen at AFI Fest before heading to Netflix on Nov. 11, is part visual essay and part academic deep dive […]

AFM According to Clay Epstein

What I miss most about not attending film markets during the pandemic is…  Seeing our friends, and colleagues, and feeding off the energy from the event What I don’t miss about film markets is… The weeks of preparation The biggest challenge working festivals and markets during the COVID era was… Limited ability to raise awareness […]

AFM Flashback: ‘Platoon’ Was a Big Win for Oliver Stone — and the Market

When buyers arrived at the 1987 edition of the American Film Market, one film was high on their shopping list: Platoon, writer-director Oliver Stone’s foray into the Vietnam War. The film had taken years to reach the screen. Stone began the screenplay in the mid-’70s but could find no takers, although it did earn him […]

How “Swissploitation” Splatter Comedy ‘Mad Heidi’ Hopes to Take a Bloody Axe to Distribution Models

Wild and elaborate deaths are part and parcel of genre movies, a blood-soaked world where filmmakers are often in competition to raise the splatter bar as high as possible. Speaking of bars, one film has surely deserves some kind of prize for this year’s most creative — and culturally appropriate — offing, a death in […]

AFM: Cam Gigandet, Sam Trammell Action-Thriller ‘72 Hours’ Rounds Out Cast (Exclusive)

Pierson Fode (Man From Toronto, Out of Hand), Nicky Whelan (The Wedding Ringer, Hall Pass), Jessica Serfaty (Ryde, Day Of Our Lives), and Max Amini (Heroes, James the Second) have joined the cast of upcoming action crime-thriller 72 Hours. Directed by Christian Sesma, the film stars Cam Gigandet and Sam Trammell as two brothers, one an international money laundering criminal and the other an FBI agent, who […]

AFM: Grandave Strikes Distribution Deal With China’s M-Star International (Exclusive)

Global sales agency Grandave International, whose catalog includes the likes of Omar Chaparro’s 7th & Union and Righteous Thieves with Cam Cigandet and Lisa Vidal, will soon see its movies released in China after signing a deal with producer and distributor M-Star International. The first releases from the deal will start in China in the […]

AFM: How Korean Cinema Came to Rule the Crime Genre

Lee Sang-yong’s 2022 feature, The Roundup, had many twists and turns before it was finally released in South Korean theaters in May. The production originally began in 2019, but filming was temporarily postponed, as location permits did not come through in Vietnam, where the story is mostly set, because of the pandemic. The industry’s old saying […]