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American Sniper

Gregg Rudloff, Three-Time Oscar-Winning Sound Mixer, Dies at 63

Gregg Rudloff, the prolific Hollywood sound man who won Academy Awards for his work on 'Glory,' 'The Matrix' and 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' has died. He was 63.

‘American Sniper’ Co-Author Defends Chris Kyle’s Military Record Over New Controversy

In an interview, Scott McEwen, co-author of 'Sniper,' fires back at recent allegations that Kyle embellished his medal count: "The left doesn’t like heroes from the military like Chris who are larger than life."

‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s Record Under Fire, But Is It a Memorial Day Rush to Judgment?

Though a recent investigation concluded that the hero willfully distorted his medal count, newly released documents raise other possibilities and shed light on Kyle's military service.

Watch ‘American Sniper’ Widow Question Obama at CNN Town Hall

Taya Kyle doubts President Obama's gun-control tactics: "We cannot outlaw murder."

Box Office’s New Normal in 2015: “You Can’t Cheat an Opening Weekend Anymore”

Record highs and lows put studio heads on edge as audiences get savvier. Says Fox domestic distribution president Chris Aronson, "There is no bottom anymore."

Lamar Odom’s Downfall Tops Google’s List of 2015 Searches

Caitlyn Jenner, 'Jurassic World' and Adele also earned spots on the annual breakdown of traffic on the search engine.

Clint Eastwood Won’t Reprise Empty-Chair Routine, Talks Endorsing GOP Candidates

"I didn't hear any negative feedback, at least not to my face," Eastwood tells THR about his presentation at the Republican National Convention three years ago.

Bradley Cooper Laughs at ‘American Sniper’ Fake Baby During ‘Ellen’ Interview: “Couldn’t Believe It”

The actor says he joked to the crew, in character as Chris Kyle, "I'm gonna save y'all a hundred thousand dollars [on CGI]" by wiggling his thumb to move the baby's arm.

‘Straight Outta Compton’ Writer to Adapt Navy SEALs Best-Seller From ‘American Sniper’ Author (Exclusive)

The story follows the exploits of an Iraqi citizen who worked with the U.S. Navy SEALs as a translator, helping them track down terrorists and became a legend in the U.S. special-ops community.

Imax Entertainment Head Touts Baby Boomers as Hot New Target Audience

"The secret is baby boomers love going to the movies...more than millennials," top exec Greg Foster told an investor conference.

Box Office: Moviegoing Isn’t Extinct After All as Revenue Hits Record Levels

A hybrid pack of hits — including 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' and 'Jurassic World' — have helped set the North American box office revenue record at an all-time high of $5.3 billion year-to-date.

Warner Bros., NBC Universal Strike Deals With Italy’s Mediaset Premium

Mediaset adds further digital rights to premium content ahead of Netflix Italy's launch.