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‘Annihilation’s’ Alex Garland Lands Silicon Valley Drama Pilot Pickup at FX

'Devs' reunites the writer-director with 'Annihilation' and 'Ex Machina's' Scott Rudin, who will exec produce.

What ‘Annihilation’ Gets Right About Scientific Horror

Alex Garland's film isn't scientifically accurate, but what it offers is far more valuable.

‘Annihilation’ and ‘Ex Machina’ Are a Double Feature in the Making

Alex Garland's two films pair in ways that suggest human nature is the greatest unknown of all.

What Makes ‘Annihilation’ a Different Type of Female-Driven Movie

Alex Garland's film rarely reminds its audience that the main characters are mostly women.

‘Annihilation’ Suggests an Auteur in the Making

The ambition of director Alex Garland's latest vastly exceeds that of 'Ex Machina.'

Weekend Box Office: ‘Black Panther’ Heads for Huge $100M-Plus Sophomore Outing

Among a trio of new films, the Jason Bateman-Rachel McAdams comedy 'Game Night' looks to place No. 2 with $16 million-$19 million, while 'Annihilation' eyes $10 million range.

Hollywood Flashback: Leonardo DiCaprio Followed ‘Titanic’ With ‘The Beach’

The then 23-year-old actor earned $20 million for the film from Alex Garland (whose 'Annihilation' hits theaters Feb. 23), as he made headlines for his overindulgent partying and learned to handle…

Box-Office Preview: ‘Black Panther’ to Annihilate the Competition

A trio of films go up against the juggernaut this weekend — 'Game Night,' 'Annihilation' and 'Every Day.'

‘Annihilation’: What the Critics Are Saying

If you like weird sci-fi and Stanley Kubrick, it appears you'll like Alex Garland's new movie.

‘Annihilation’: Film Review

'Annihilation,' Alex Garland's follow-up to 'Ex Machina,' stars Natalie Portman as a scientist investigating the cause of mysterious deaths in a Florida forest.

Natalie Portman: “I Very Much Regret” Signing Roman Polanski Petition

In a new interview, the actress also addressed the whitewashing controversy surrounding her upcoming film 'Annihilation.'

‘Annihilation’ Criticized for “White-Washed Casting”

"Writer/director Alex Garland is not being true and honest to the characters in the book," says a board member of the advocacy group MANAA.