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Antoine Fuqua

Denzel Washington Gets Standing Ovation and Surprise Lifetime Achievement Award at CinemaCon

Sony film boss Tom Rothman took a moment during his studio’s CinemaCon presentation Monday night to nod to a new NRG study that investigates the most popular movie stars in Hollywood. Rothman explained that if the pundits are to believed, “movie stars don’t matter anymore,” adding that he really hopes “all my competitors believe that […]

Michael Jackson Biopic Condemned by ‘Leaving Neverland’ Director

The director of Leaving Neverland, the documentary that chronicled two accusers’ sexual abuse claims against Michael Jackson, is criticizing a planned biopic about the late singer. In a guest column for The Guardian published Sunday, Dan Reed criticized the decision to a biopic about the music icon, questioning why “no one is talking about ‘canceling’ […]

Michael Jackson Biopic in the Works From Antoine Fuqua, Lionsgate

Michael Jackson is getting the biopic treatment. Lionsgate and director Antoine Fuqua are taking on the musician’s life in a film titled Michael, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Graham King, a seasoned hand at biopics with the Oscar-winning Queen film Bohemian Rhapsody under his belt, is producing along with John Branca and John McClain, who […]

Antoine Fuqua and Robert Richardson on Approaching ‘Emancipation’ in a “Beautiful But Brutal Way”

For Apple TV+’s Emancipation, based on the true story of an enslaved man (played by Will Smith) known as “Whipped Peter,” director Antoine Fuqua and cinematographer Robert Richardson approached the look from the perspective of those who were enslaved: “Beautiful but brutal, in an honest way,” in the words of Fuqua, who adds: “The film […]

Will Smith’s ‘Emancipation’: What the Critics Are Saying

The review embargo for Antoine Fuqua’s much-talked about escaped slave drama Emancipation lifted Wednesday evening and early critics reaction to the Apple Original Films feature is decidedly mixed. Critics praised Emancipation‘s cast, with Will Smith, the film’s controversy-stricken star, receiving plaudits along with co-stars Ben Foster and Charmaine Bingwa. There was also praise for the […]

‘Emancipation’ Review: Will Smith Leads Antoine Fuqua’s Propulsive but Shallow Slave Drama

The Oscar winner stars alongside Ben Foster and Charmaine Bingwa in a narrative based on the true story of "Whipped Peter," an enslaved man who escaped a Confederate army labor camp.

Will Smith Sets Out on Quest for Freedom in ‘Emancipation’ Trailer

Will Smith evades cold-blooded hunters and treacherous Louisiana swamps to win his freedom in the trailer for the Apple slavery drama Emancipation, which dropped Wednesday. The Antoine Fuqua film tells the triumphant story of Peter (Smith), a man who escapes from slavery, that is inspired by the 1863 photos of “Whipped Peter,” taken during a Union Army medical […]

‘Emancipation’ Director Defends Release of Will Smith Film After Oscars Slap: “More Important Than One Bad Moment”

Antoine Fuqua is hopeful that viewers will give his forthcoming movie Emancipation a chance as it prepares for release less than a year after Will Smith made headlines for slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony. During an interview with Vanity Fair that published online Tuesday, the director said that no one involved […]

Will Smith’s Apple Thriller ‘Emancipation’ Gets First Screening

Apple held the first screening for Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming film, Emancipation, on Saturday in Washington D.C. Though the fate of the project seemingly hung in the balance following Smith’s now-infamous Oscars slap, the screening indicates Apple is looking to release it soon. At the 2022 Oscars, Smith walked onstage during the ceremony […]

‘Legacy: The True Story of the L.A. Lakers’ Review: Antoine Fuqua’s Hulu Docuseries Suffers From Déja Vu

The 10-part show chronicles the rise of the Los Angeles Lakers under the Buss family, just like 'Winning Time' and 'They Call Me Magic' before it.

Antoine Fuqua on Working With Denzel and the Film That Got Away: “It Breaks My Heart Just to Say It Out Loud”

“This shit’s chess, it ain’t checkers.” In one of the many memorable lines from Training Day, Denzel Washington’s Los Angeles narcotics officer Alonzo offers up this wisdom to rookie Jake, played by a doe-eyed Ethan Hawke, as a way of explaining that the job is a lot more complicated than it looks and that there […]

‘The Terminal List’ Writer Jack Carr on Landing Dream Collaborators in Chris Pratt, Antoine Fuqua

When Jack Carr was tucked away inside a rental in Coronado, California, typing up what would be the first of five novels centered on a Navy SEAL commander named James Reese, he zeroed in on a short list of dream collaborators if the book was ever adapted. After all, the plot seemed prime for adaptation […]