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Coronavirus: ‘Apprentice’ U.K. Contestant’s Revival Shots Ads Deemed “Misleading”

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has banned social media ads from the company of a former 'Apprentice' U.K. contestant, saying they made "misleading" claims that implied that Revival Shots' product "could help to cure COVID-19."

Mark Burnett, MGM TV Launch Global Unscripted Formats Business

Mark Burnett and MGM Television are launching a new division for TV formats and unscripted series.

Penn Jillette Says Trump ‘Apprentice’ Tapes Exist: “I Was in the Room”

Penn Jillette says he knows that Mark Burnett possesses tapes of President Donald Trump saying disparaging, racist remarks while working on the NBC reality show 'The Apprentice.'

‘Roseanne,’ Trump ‘Apprentice’ Memorabilia Up for Auction

Julien's is auctioning a Donald Trump 'Apprentice' boardroom table and a 'Roseanne' Statue of Liberty costume on June 23 in Las Vegas.

Trump Tells National Prayer Breakfast to “Pray for Arnold” and ‘Apprentice’ Ratings

The president joined Mark Burnett at the annual event in Washington on Thursday.

Trump Goes After Arnold Schwarzenegger Over ‘Apprentice’ Performance

President-elect Trump compared the new host of 'Celebrity Apprentice' Arnold Schwarzenegger to himself, a "ratings machine."

How Arnold’s ‘Apprentice’ Must Perform to Outrate Donald Trump

NBC's new host will vie for eyeballs with the return of 'The Bachelor' and several bowl games.

Tom Arnold: I Have “Racist” Trump Outtakes From ‘The Apprentice’

The actor-comedian also claimed the unseen tapes have the president-elect calling his son a "retard."

Donald Trump Says He Will Devote “Zero Time” to ‘Apprentice’ While President

The president-elect further tweeted that such reports by CNN are "ridiculous," "untrue" and "fake news."

Donald Trump “Has a Big Stake” in New ‘Apprentice,’ Says Transition Team

The president-elect will retain executive producer status when the NBC series returns with Arnold Schwarzenegger as host.

NBC’s New ‘Apprentice’ Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Arrives With Trump-Like Baggage

Schwarzenegger's old behavior is making execs nervous as the network and Mark Burnett relaunch a franchise amid its former host's issues with women. Says Gloria Allred: His past "will always be with him."