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Armageddon Time

How ‘Armageddon Time’ Re-created a Coming of Age in Queens

Writer-director James Gray re- created elements of his childhood for Focus Features’ Armageddon Time, set in 1980 Queens. Banks Repeta plays Paul Graff, the onscreen avatar for Gray: an aspiring artist whose rambunctious behavior infuriates his parents (played by Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway) but delights his aging grandfather (Anthony Hopkins). The latter supports young […]

Breaking Down Oscar’s Best Picture Noms by Theme

In the past five years, 43 features have earned Academy Award nominations for best picture, and with those dozens of films, thematic throughlines have emerged that offer a sense of what kinds of films voters favor for the top prize. Historical films have earned the most nominations, exemplified by Green Book winning the award in […]

“I Get Emotionally Involved in Telling a Story”: DPs From ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ ‘The Fabelmans,’ ‘The Woman King’ and the THR Cinematographer Roundtable

Gather together a group of award-winning cinematographers, as THR did on Nov. 6 when it assembled a virtual roundtable that represents some of the year’s most visually striking films, and you might expect a lot of shop talk about lenses and camera rigs, or about the relative merits of live-action filmmaking versus the newest virtual […]

‘Armageddon Time’ Director Calls Film a Commercial “Failure” but Dismisses the Importance of Box Office

James Gray remains proud of Armageddon Time but admits that the film was not a box office success. During a recent interview with GQ, the filmmaker, known for such projects as Ad Astra and We Own the Night, reflected on the commercial run for the Focus Features drama. Armageddon Time, which opened in October after […]

How ‘Armageddon Time’ Star Anne Hathaway Prepared to Play Director James Gray’s Mother in Semi-Autobiographical Film

Anne Hathaway knew James Gray’s script for his semi-autobiographical film Armageddon Time, in which she plays a version of the director’s own mother, was special. But it was five specific words that really sold her on wanting to take on the role. “When I heard ‘James Gray, age-appropriate part,’ I was like, ‘Say yes, we’ll […]

‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast — James Gray (‘Armageddon Time’)

James Gray, the guest on this episode of The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, is a New York-born, L.A.-based filmmaker who has been described by the Los Angeles Times as “a director who has, uncommonly, carved a career on his own terms,” the New York Times as “an accidental maverick: an unrepentant traditionalist in a […]

‘Armageddon Time’ Stars Banks Repeta and Jaylin Webb on the Drama’s 1980s Setting: “It’s Like a Different Dimension”

In Focus Features’ 1980-set Armageddon Time, Banks Repeta plays Paul Graff, a Jewish kid living in Queens with his close-knit family. An aspiring artist, Paul is at an age where the expectations placed upon him by his parents (played by Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong) are becoming more serious and intense. But while young Paul […]

Critics’ Conversation: The Great Film Performances of 2022

The year in acting was particularly rich for women, from the brilliant Blanchett and the sublime Seydoux to breakouts like Danielle Deadwyler and astonishing non-English-language turns flying — frustratingly — under the radar.

‘Armageddon Time,’ ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ and ‘Till’ Production Designers Brought the American Past Back to the Screen

From a family home in Queens to a planned community in the desert and a Black town in the American south, design pros were tasked with honoring the meticulous looks from eras gone by.

James Gray on Casting Non-Jewish Actors as Jewish Characters in ‘Armageddon Time’: “I Reserve the Right”

Armageddon Time director and writer James Gray says that he doesn’t agree with critics of his decision to cast actors who aren’t Jewish, like Anthony Hopkins, as Jewish characters in his semi-biographical film. In an interview with The New York Times, Gray talks about the depictions of the Trump family, who he went to school […]

Box Office: ‘Black Adam’ Leads So-So Halloween Weekend With $27.7M

DC and Warner Bros.’ Black Adam had no trouble topping the Halloween weekend box office, although the superhero pic dropped more than expected considering it had little competition. The film earned an estimated $27.7 million from 4,402 theaters in its second outing. That’s a drop of 59 percent, one of the bigger declines for a […]

Anne Hathaway, ‘Armageddon Time’ Team on Exploring Injustice: “Sometimes You Have to Look Backwards to Look Forwards”

It was a (fictional) family affair in New York City on Wednesday to celebrate Armageddon Time at the New York Film Festival. Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, Jaylin Webb, Banks Repeta, Andrew Polk and more of the cast and crew of the film made their way to Alice Tully Hall to celebrate the New York premiere […]