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Avatar 2

Weta Inks Deal With Amazon To Expand VFX and Animation in the Cloud

Peter Jackson's Wellington, NZ-based visual effects and animation studio has inked a multi-year deal with Amazon Web Services to use the Amazon cloud to forward its VFX and animation production.

With L.A. Shut Down, Productions Find Safe Spots to Shoot Globally

Film production remains on hold in most of the U.S. because of still-surging coronavirus cases so the big studios and independent producers are looking globally for places to shoot safely. 

Production Set to Restart on ‘Avatar’ Sequels in New Zealand

Following an enforced shutdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, production on James Cameron's 'Avatar 2' is set to restart in New Zealand "next week," according to producer Jon Landau.

Coronavirus: ‘Avatar’ Sequels Shut Down Production in New Zealand

Filming on James Cameron's 'Avatar' sequels in New Zealand has been delayed indefinitely due to coronavirus concerns in the country.

Jemaine Clement Joins James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Jemaine Clement is joining James Cameron's 'Avatar' sequels, playing marine biologist Dr. Ian Garvin.

Disney-Fox’s Combined Film Calendar Is a Box Office Death Star

Just like that, Disney's movie studio has doubled its release calendar for 2019 and 2020.

Sigourney Weaver Talks ‘Avatar’ Saga, #MeToo and How Sci-Fi Has Shaped Her Hopes for the World

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Sigourney Weaver at Rome's Hotel de Russie to discuss what we can expect from the upcoming 'Avatar' saga, what work she thinks the industry still needs to do…

‘Avatar’ Star Stephen Lang Unveils Family Foundation Grant to Immigration Lawyers

The actor is continuing his father's philanthropic legacy by partnering with Immigrant Justice Corps to provide legal assistance to families at the border.

‘Avatar’ Sequels: James Cameron Confirms Use of Sony Venice Cameras for Production

James Cameron confirmed that he's using Sony Venice cameras on 3D rigs to make his 'Avatar' sequels.

Kate Winslet Joins James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Universe

The first sequel from her 'Titanic' director is set to hit theaters in 2020.

‘Avatar 2’ Introduces 7 Young Castmembers

Zoe Saldana's Neytiri and Sam Worthington's Jake Sully will have children in the sequel.

Fox Acquires Virtual Production Firm Technoprops

Company founder Glenn Derry, who worked on the original 'Avatar,' was named vp VFX.