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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

The Battle to Make Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’

Thirty years after Tim Burton's 'Batman,' some of the key players are recalling the long fight to bring The Dark Knight to the big screen.

People Keep Trying to Take Batarangs Onto Airplanes, Despite the TSA’s Pleas

"They can be placed in your checked baggage along with your grapple gun, bat-saw, collapsible bat-sword, and other utility belt items," says the TSA.

Frank Miller Talks ‘Dark Knight III’: “When It Comes to Batman, I’m a Raging Dictator”

The famed comic book creator and his collaborator Klaus Janson on returning to Gotham 30 years after the original 'Dark Knight Returns.'

Why ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns’ Endures as a Comic Book Classic

What makes Frank Miller's 1986 Batman story so beloved 30 years later?

Comic-Con: Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight III’ to Feature Additional 16-Page Mini-Comics

Miller will co-write and create artwork for the new series, with all-star guest artists illustrating new stories.

Critic’s Notebook: The Case Against ‘Interstellar’

THR film critic Stephen Dalton argues that Christopher Nolan's new space epic isn't full of wonder — it's full of itself

Warner Bros. Celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary With ‘Batman Exhibit’

The Batman-centric studio tour will be open for a limited run this summer featuring Batmobiles, costumes and props from all seven films in the same place for the first time ever.

NY Comic Con: Lego Unveils New Superhero Sets

The toy company has already announced a line of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" toys and new sets for "The Hobbit."

‘Avengers’ Dominates First Week on Blu-Ray, DVD

Joss Whedon's superhero hit sold 34 times as many copies as the No. 2 title, "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns — Part 1."

‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns’ Due on Blu-ray, DVD in September

Warner Premiere is set to release an adaptation of Frank Miller's iconic 1980s miniseries featuring Peter Weller ("Robocop") as the voice of the Caped Crusader.