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‘Batman & Robin’ Lead Sculpter Says Batsuit Nipples Were His Idea and “Informed by Roman Armor”

Batman & Robin‘s sculptor says he introduced the nipple to the batsuit in Joel Schumacher’s run of Batman movies but that the director pushed for their exaggeration. In an interview with MEL Magazine, Jose Fernandez spoke about the controversial suit design element that has dominated discourse around the film since its 1997 release, taking credit […]

‘Batwheels’ Adds Gina Rodriguez and Xolo Mariduena to Supervillain Lineup (Exclusive)

Holy burning rubber, Batman! Warner Bros. Animation’s upcoming action-adventure Batwheels series is adding more stars to the voice cast, rounding out the Rogues’ Gallery, aka classic Batman villains, and the nefarious Legion of Zoom, a team of sentient vehicles brought to computerized life by Badcomputer, the new ultimate computer of the DC Universe. Gina Rodriguez, […]

Neal Adams, Comic Book Artist Who Revitalized Batman and Fought for Creators’ Rights, Dies at 80

Neal Adams, the legendary comic book artist who reinvigorated Batman and other superheroes with his photorealistic stylings and championed the rights of creators, has died. He was 80. Adams died Thursday in New York of complications from sepsis, his wife, Marilyn Adams, told The Hollywood Reporter. Adams jolted the world of comic books in the late 1960s and […]

Jack Nicholson Wanted His Joker to Scare Kids — Because He Knew They’d Like the Feeling

Jack Nicholson knew immediately how he was going to play the Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman; it was going to be the only way the film would have been taken seriously. The multi-winning Oscar actor, who turned 85 on Friday, explained in a previous making-of featurette that the classic DC comic book villain could not […]

Josh Brolin Recalls Losing Out on Batman Role to Ben Affleck: “Would Have Been a Fun Deal”

Josh Brolin has made quite an impact in superhero films as it is, but he’s reflecting on one that got away. The actor — known for playing Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with Cable in Deadpool 2 — was a recent guest on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. During the interview, he discussed […]

‘Batman Unburied’: Spotify Podcast Set to Release Next Month

Batman Unburied, the Spotify-exclusive podcast voice starring Winston Duke as Bruce Wayne, is set to premiere on May 3. Created and executive produced by The Dark Knight’s David S. Goyer, the podcast will arrive more than a year after Spotify, Warner Bros. and DC announced the series as the first project released as part of a multi-year, […]

Bill Murray on How “Vanity” Was Part of Why Ivan Reitman’s ‘Batman’ Movie Didn’t Happen

Bill Murray says he looks good in purple but that suiting up to be Batman was a short-lived possibility. Before Tim Burton’s Michael Keaton-led Batman hit theaters in 1989, Warner Bros. had courted several writers and directors about bringing the Dark Knight to the big screen — a years-long endeavor that generated various potential takes […]

‘Batwoman’ Actor Nick Creegan Reflects on “Therapeutic” Blast of Playing The Joker

Nick Creegan had no idea what he was getting himself into. When the actor auditioned for the role of Marquis Jet, Jada’s (Robin Givens) son on Batwoman, the actor had no clue he would become an iteration of The Joker. But, as he points out, it was clear from the beginning that Marquis was not […]

A ‘The Batman’ Controversy Unsettles a Portion of Fandom

“Remember we never kill with weapons of any kind!” Those words, uttered by the Caped Crusader to his partner, Robin, in Batman No. 4 (1940) marked the debut of Batman’s “no-kill rule,” an aspect of the hero that has become almost as fundamental a character trait as his cape and cowl … in the comics […]

Michael Keaton Explains Why He Initially Walked Away From Batman: “Can’t Live With Myself”

Michael Keaton is opening up about why he walked away from the Batman franchise in the 1990s, explaining why what started as a job evolved into something that made him miserable. In a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Podcast With Julia Cunningham, the Oscar-nominated actor addressed why he stopped playing the Caped Crusader […]

Ben Affleck Says Shooting ‘Justice League’ Was the “Worst Experience”

Ben Affleck would apparently like to lock his Justice League memories away in a hidden cave. During an interview with the Los Angeles Times that published online on Friday, the 49-year-old Oscar winner was asked about difficult times in his recent past. Among the moments he discussed was his 2017 announcement that he would no […]

‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ Adds Comics Author Ed Brubaker to Creative Team (Exclusive)

Acclaimed comics author Ed Brubaker has joined the creative team behind Batman: Caped Crusader, the animated series in the works at HBO Max and Cartoon Network. Award-winning animation veteran Bruce Timm is showrunning and exec producing the series, which also has executive producers J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, the director behind the upcoming Warner Bros. […]