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Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens: Meet the Multitalented Filmmakers of ‘Almost Human’

Joe Begos and Josh Ethier describe the title as 'Fire in the Sky' meets 'The Terminator.'

Behind the Lens: ‘Watermark’ Shot Using More Than 20 Formats

THR caught up with producer and cinematographer Nicholas de Pencier at the Toronto Film Festival.

Toronto Behind the Lens: ‘Devil’s Knot’ Lenser Hopes ‘Film Can Remain a Choice’

"We all have to embrace the growth of digital," says Paul Sarossy.

Toronto Behind the Lens: Filming Jason Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’ With ‘Bold Cinema’

Jason Bateman was "one of the most prepared visual directors I have every worked with," says cinematographer Ken Seng.

Toronto Behind the Lens: Eli Roth Calls 4K ‘Insane’ at Canon/THR Panel

"If one person got a pimple, it was incredibly noticeable -- and we were just shooting in HD," the filmmaker said of filming "The Green Inferno."

Toronto Behind the Lens: ‘All Cheerleaders Die’ Lenser Says Directors Wanted Fresh Start

The film, which had its world premiere at TIFF, is a remake of writers-directors Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson.

Toronto: THR Behind the Lens Videos

A look at filmmaking with some of the biggest cinematographers in the business at the Toronto Film Festival, sponsored by Canon.

Behind the Lens: ‘Tracks’ Cinematographer Describes Shooting in a Dust Storm

Mandy Walker -- who previously lensed Baz Luhrmann’s "Australia" -- says Mia Wasikowska performed “with dust in her eyes and mouth."