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Bernie Sanders

Oprah Winfrey, Ava DuVernay and More Remember John Lewis: “What Warmth and Wisdom He Leaves Behind for Us”

Following the death of civil rights icon John Lewis, many top names from politics and entertainment shared tribute messages on social media.

Judge Restores N.Y. Democratic Presidential Primary

The New York Democratic presidential primary must take place June 23 because canceling it would be unconstitutional and deprive withdrawn presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang of proper representation at the Democratic convention, a judge ruled Tuesday.

N.Y. Cancels Democratic Presidential Primary Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

New York on Monday canceled its 2020 Democratic presidential primary election because of the coronavirus pandemic, infuriating former candidate Bernie Sanders' campaign and his supporters, who called the decision a strike against democracy.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Joe Biden for President

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden's presidential candidacy on Monday as he made a joint online appearance with the former vice president.

Bernie Sanders Says He Hopes to Move Joe Biden “in a More Progressive Direction”

Bernie Sanders isn't yet endorsing presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden but says he will do "everything I can to make sure Donald Trump will not be re-elected."

Bernie Sanders Drops 2020 Bid, Leaving Joe Biden as Likely Nominee

Bernie Sanders is ending his presidential campaign, paving the way for Joe Biden to be the Democratic nominee.

Bernie Sanders Says Medicare for All Would Provide “Quality Care” During Pandemic

Senator Bernie Sanders explains how Medicare for All would positively impact the coronavirus pandemic when he visited 'Late Night' on Monday.

Ohio Scraps Democratic Primary as Florida Poll Workers Fail to Show Up

The new coronavirus kept some voters and poll workers at home and hampered efforts to open some polling sites on Tuesday as three states held Democratic presidential primary contests amid a global pandemic.

Critic’s Notebook: Biden and Sanders Rise to the Occasion in Most Substantive Democratic Debate Yet

The coronavirus crisis loomed over a debate that was striking in its seriousness and lack of pandering.

Joe Biden Commits to Selecting Female Vice President During Debate

Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders shared their plans to have a female vice president during the Democratic debate Sunday.

Debate: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Cast Themselves as Best Leader Amid Crisis

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders sought in Sunday's debate to cast themselves as best-positioned to lead the nation through a global pandemic, with Biden pledging to deploy the military to help with recovery efforts, and Sanders using the crisis to pitch his long-sought overhaul of the country's health-care system.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Share Coronavirus Plans During Democratic Debate

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders spoke about their plans to address the coronavirus outbreak during the Democratic Debate in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.