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Best of 2017

22 of the Most Eagerly Anticipated New York Stage Shows of Winter-Spring 2018

Major revivals, surefire blockbusters, new musicals from the co-creators of 'In the Heights' and 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch,' and star turns from Glenda Jackson, Denzel Washington, Andrew Garfield and Chris Evans highlight the upcoming theatrical calendar.

Critic’s Notebook: Daniel Fienberg’s “Second” 10 Best TV Shows of 2017

The Fien Print continues to celebrate 2017's standouts with a pair of Netflix animated shows, a big Emmy favorite and David Lynch's return to the small screen.

Critics’ Notebook: Besson Fizzled but ‘Raw,’ ‘BPM,’ ‘Faces Places’ Elevated Minor Year for French Films

The Hollywood Reporter's Paris-based critics reflect on French cinema in 2017, which saw a surprise presidential victory, a mostly unexceptional homegrown crop in Cannes and a major international sci-fi flop.

13 Broadway Breakout Stars of 2017

The Hollywood Reporter spotlights some of the fresh faces who turned heads on the Great White Way this year.

Hollywood Reporter Critics’ 10 Favorite TV Episodes of 2017

A fresh perspective on a classic Hitchcock scene, a surreal California detour, a reckoning with God unlike any other, a nightmarish memory inside another memory, a confronting #MeToo moment and a wordless dance drama are among our picks.

Hollywood Reporter Critics’ 10 Favorite TV Performances of 2017

From Carrie Coon's double-whammy in 'The Leftovers' and 'Fargo' through Michael McKean's sly scene-stealing on 'Better Call Saul' to Frankie Shaw's breakthrough with 'SMILF,' these actors delivered work worth celebrating.

Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the Best Foreign-Language Films of 2017

From a Chilean character study about a grieving trans woman to a French cannibal flick, a scathing indictment of Israeli military culture, a hushed Japanese family drama and more, here are the best foreign-language movies of the year.

Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the Best Documentaries of 2017

From a French cinema legend's bittersweet road-trip chronicle to examinations of the Rodney King case, Istanbul cats, Baltimore rats and more, here were the best non-fiction films of the year.

The Year in Queer: Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the Best LGBT Films of 2017

From the sun-kissed sensuality of a certain Oscar hopeful to dramas from Chile, France and South Africa to little-seen American indies like 'Princess Cyd' and 'Lovesong,' 2017 was a landmark year for queer film. Here were the 10 best.

Daniel Fienberg: The 10 Best TV Shows of 2017

A late-night delight, a Netflix comedy about mental illness, two masterfully concluded dramas and an FX gem about strong women making their way without weak men are among the Hollywood Reporter TV critic’s favorites of the year.

Tim Goodman: The Best TV of 2017

The final season of an HBO masterwork, the latest opus from one of America’s top documentarians and a surprise treat from Epix are among The Hollywood Reporter chief TV critic's 46 favorites of the year.

David Rooney: The Best New York Theater of 2017

The Hollywood Reporter's chief theater critic glances back over a year of stage highlights including bold new American plays, stellar productions of vintage musicals, and Bruce Springsteen, up close and personal.