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Too Big to Fail

Don’t Smack Your Forehead – It’s Just the Globes (Analysis)

"Breaking Bad" is not best drama? Move along then.

‘Too Big to Fail’ Screens to Full House at Rome Film Festival

All signs are pointing to this year's The Business Street, the fest's informal film market, as being the most successful yet.

Emmys 2011: 10 Long Shots Worth Watching

We wouldn't bet the ranch on their taking home trophies, but each of these nominees is a jolt of adrenaline for the race.

Emmys 2011: Did Merging Minis and Movies Into One Category Help or Hurt?

Despite the move to create a more robust field, HBO still dominates a genre in flux.

Emmys 2011: Come Emmy Night, William Hurt Could be Too Big to Fail

The theater and movie vet opens up about playing Henry Paulson in HBO's Emmy-contending original film.

Julian Fellowes Addresses Monte Hellman’s ‘Gosford Park’ Claim, ‘Downton Abbey’s’ Shocking Scene

The creator of the PBS miniseries reveals to THR how one of the most surprising scenes came about.