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Big Love

Emmys 2011: Last Chance for Gold

Sympathy votes? Hardly. Awarding these performers statuettes for their characters' final bows is just common sense.

5 Reasons Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Might Win Emmys

HBO's fantastic surprise hit "Game of Thrones" could outperform Emmy expectations.

Emmys: How ‘Entourage,’ ‘Smallville’ Writers Tackled Their Series Finales

Panic attacks, "The Sopranos" and 9/11 all played roles in wrapping up these and other shows.

Why Jon Huntsman Won’t Be Rooting for ‘Big Love’ to Win an Emmy

The former Utah Governor entered the GOP Presidential race Tuesday.

Emmys: ‘The Killing’s’ Mireille Enos On Her Stage Roots, LA Auditions and Upcoming Role Opposite Brad Pitt

AMC looked at "every single person on Earth" before casting the Tony-nominated, BYU-educated actress for its newest series.

‘Big Love’ Finale Most-Watched Episode of Season

HBO's polygamy drama ended its five-season run with 1.6 million viewers tuning in to Sunday's episode.

Bill Paxton ‘Wasn’t Happy’ With ‘Big Love’ Finale Ending, Producer Says (Video)

"It’s not how he envisioned the end of his character’s journey nor the end of the series," Mark Olsen explains.

‘Big Love’ Finale: What Critics Are Saying

One says the HBO series had the "perfect finish," while another laments it was a "major letdown."