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Billboard/THR Film & TV Music Conference

Fugees’ Pras Michel on Hitting Up Eurythmics, Tears for Fears & Seal for Film Music

His political documentary 'Sweet Mickey for President' is due next year

Top Studio Music Execs Talk the ‘Frozen’ Effect at Billboard/THR Conference

"What I get for films from people at my company is that people say, 'We need a 'Let it Go,'' and I'm like, 'Right away.' People don't realize how incredible that is, or how [Disney] struck lightning."

Billboard/THR Film & TV Music Conference Day Two Report: Maroon 5, Steven Price’s ‘Fury’ Soundtrack

"We just want to see Maroon in every car commercial," joked Maroon 5's manager Jordan Feldstein

Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ to Be Featured in Nissan Commercial

The partnership is the band's third car-brand collaboration in the past 18 months

Taylor Swift’s Spotify Breakup Is Us the Duo’s Gain

The Vine stars talk about their "Shake It Off" cover taking off at Billboard/THR Film & TV Music Conference

‘Annie’ Director Will Gluck Worried He’d “Ruin a Lot of Kids’ Childhoods”

"It's a much different movie, but it's all rooted in the same story," he said at Billboard/THR Film & TV Music Conference

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ Billboard/THR Film & TV Conference Keynote Q&A: Watch Highlights

"Darkness has been my energy," Reznor says of his film collaborations with David Fincher

Howard Shore, Billboard/THR Maestro Award Honoree, Talks Legendary Film Scores (and Naps)

The composer says of his working process: "You want to get into the subconscious. Isn't that what music is and what movies are? You're in a dark room, you're looking at all this flickering imagery, music is all ephemeral, it's just vibration in the air"

The Challenges of Finding Syncs for Kanye West’s “Anti-Commercial” Tracks: “He Changes His Mind”

"We just roll along with him and try to plan things he's going to agree with artistically"

Gregg Alexander Talks Switch From New Radicals to ‘Begin Again’ at Billboard/THR Conference

The Billboard and Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference runs through Thursday in Los Angeles

‘Lord of the Rings’ Composer Howard Shore on Scoring 80 Movies: “I Often Felt Like Frodo”

Shore, set to receive the 2014 Maestro Award at the Billboard/THR Film and TV Music Conference, looks back at his long career, from playing sax in a Canadian rock band to scoring Oscar-winning films for Scorsese and Cronenberg