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Bob Costas

Vin Scully, Treasured Voice of the Dodgers, Dies at 94

The Bronx native started calling games for the club in Brooklyn in 1950, came west with the team and provided fans with a loving soundtrack for nearly seven decades.

Bob Costas Says Postponing Tokyo Olympics Another Year “Would Have Been Ideal”

Bob Costas, NBC’s longtime lead host for Olympics coverage, thinks that the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympics should have been postponed another year. While appearing as a guest on The Late Show Wednesday night, Costas — who led 11 Olympic telecasts between 1988 and 2016 — said that not much of anything outside of a “complete […]

Bob Costas Returning to HBO for Interview Series

'Back on the Record' will be the multiple Emmy winner's third show for the premium cable outlet.

Bob Costas Joins CNN as Contributor

Longtime NBC Olympics host Bob Costas is joining CNN as a contributor to discuss news and issues related to sports.

‘Only in Hollywood’: How MLB Network Captures the Drama (and Humor) of the ’88 Dodgers

'Only in Hollywood': MLB Network's 1988 Dodgers documentary details.

Hollywood Flashback: In 1980, Bob Costas Was the (Baby) Face of NBC Sports

The broadcaster will no longer anchor the Olympics, but he stresses that he's not retiring: His new deal operates under the so-called Brokaw Clause, meaning he'll be "appearing where it seems appropriate."

Mike Tirico Replacing Bob Costas as NBC’s Olympics Primetime Host

The former ESPN host will take over starting with the Winter Olympics next year.

Bob Costas Paid Tribute to Craig Sager on Thursday Night Football

"The joy he conveyed was every bit as important as the information he conveyed."

Bob Costas Isn’t Sugarcoating the Olympics’ Rio Problems

"It’s going to be impossible, in some cases, not to address some of the issues that have come up because they will directly intersect with the competition," says NBC's primetime host.

Rio Olympics: Bob Costas Defends Tape-Delayed Opening Ceremony, Talks “Corrupt” Russian Doping

NBC's lead host addresses concerns about the Games, those pink-eye memes and checking Twitter during the events: "Not only don’t I do it, I wouldn’t even know how to do it."

Bob Costas: Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPYs Courage Award Is “Crass Exploitation Play”

The NBC Sports anchor said his opinion "is not anything against Caitlyn Jenner."

Bob Costas Recalls a Favorite Derek Jeter Moment

Sports writer Tom Verducci also honors the Yankee shortstop ahead of his final home game