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Brian And Charles

How the ‘Brian and Charles’ Team Cranked Up the Film’s Unexpected Feel-Good Factor

Brian and Charles could have been a lot darker. The Brit comedy, which Focus Features released wide in the U.S. over the weekend, has been hailed as a delightful slice of feel-good quirkiness, teaming the oddball eccentric Brian Gittins (David Earl) with his peculiar and innocent 7-foot robotic invention Charles Petrescu (Chris Hayward, mostly hidden […]

Charles Petrescu, the Robot from ‘Brian and Charles,’ Talks Fame, Friendship, Becoming the “New Tom Cruise” and Cabbages

Move over Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, the summer box office has a new hero. Charles Petrescu, the star of Focus Features’ Brit mockumentary Brian and Charles, released in the U.S. today, is surely among the most peculiar on-screen protagonists. In the film directed by Jim Archer, the gangly, 7-foot tall, balding, bespectacled, cardigan-wearing robot that is made […]