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Brutally Honest Oscar Voter Ballot

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #4: ‘King Richard’ “A Real Surprise,” Penelope Cruz Gave “Performance of the Year”

General Thoughts I’m looking forward to watching the show at the Academy’s east coast party at the Rainbow Room, not at its west coast party at the Academy Museum, where I understand they finally found a few feet of space to acknowledge the Jews who founded this business and the Academy. Everything is upside down. […]

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot No. 3: “Couldn’t Get Through” ‘Drive My Car,’ Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’ Better Than Original

General Thoughts There are going to be 40 million fewer potential viewers of this year’s Oscars because they’re busy being bombed and massacred and chased out of their country [Ukraine], and there’s something a little bit odd about gathering in tuxedos and gowns and congratulating ourselves while all hell is raining down on them. However, […]

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot No. 2: ‘Worst Person in the World’ “Amazing,” ‘Licorice Pizza’ Blatantly “Racist”

General Thoughts I take my responsibilities as an Academy member very seriously — I’ve literally seen every movie that’s nominated — and I think that taking those eight categories out of the live show is incredibly disrespectful to our membership. This show is about the people who make the movies, for people who love the […]

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot: ‘1917’ Is “Gimmicky,” Renée Zellweger “Nailed It”

A male member of the Academy's producers branch, granted anonymity to speak freely, shares which films earned his precious vote (and why).

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot: ‘Irishman’ “Was Boring,” Tarantino “Amazing,” “I Want an American Director to Win”

A female member of the Academy’s actors branch, granted anonymity to speak freely, shares which films earn her precious vote (and — gulp — why).

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #2: Bradley Cooper “Perfect,” ‘Green Book’ “Retrograde and Borderline Offensive”

A female sound branch member of the Academy gives her brutally honest Oscar ballot for the 2019 show.

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #1: ‘Roma’ Just an “Expensive Home Movie,” “About F—ing Time” for Spike Lee

A director casts his vote for 'BlacKkKlansman' and "genius" Spike Lee, and doesn't buy Lady Gaga for "a single moment" — and by the way, he's not watching ABC's hostless, "idiotic" show.

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #2: ‘Get Out’ Filmmakers “Played the Race Card,” “Just Sick of” Meryl Streep

A voter from the Academy's actors branch says she "learned more about 'Dunkirk' from five minutes of 'Darkest Hour' than I did from the whole movie 'Dunkirk,'" and was tempted to put 'Darkest Hour' atop her ballot but "didn’t think it would have a chance of winning."

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot: ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Is “Wrong,” ‘The Post’ Got “Over-Spielberg-ized”

A voter from the Academy's producers branch thinks 'The Florida Project' "got f---in' screwed," wishes he'd seen the Kevin Spacey version of 'All the Money in the World’ and says Gary Oldman gets his vote even "if he hit his wife with a telephone" (he denied the claim and was cleared).