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Brutally Honest Oscar Voter Ballot

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot: ‘1917’ Is “Gimmicky,” Renée Zellweger “Nailed It”

A male member of the Academy's producers branch, granted anonymity to speak freely, shares which films earned his precious vote (and why).

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot: ‘Irishman’ “Was Boring,” Tarantino “Amazing,” “I Want an American Director to Win”

A female member of the Academy's actors branch, granted anonymity to speak freely, shares which films earn her precious vote (and — gulp — why).

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #2: Bradley Cooper “Perfect,” ‘Green Book’ “Retrograde and Borderline Offensive”

A female sound branch member of the Academy gives her brutally honest Oscar ballot for the 2019 show.

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #1: ‘Roma’ Just an “Expensive Home Movie,” “About F—ing Time” for Spike Lee

A director casts his vote for 'BlacKkKlansman' and "genius" Spike Lee, and doesn't buy Lady Gaga for "a single moment" — and by the way, he's not watching ABC's hostless, "idiotic" show.

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #2: ‘Get Out’ Filmmakers “Played the Race Card,” “Just Sick of” Meryl Streep

A voter from the Academy's actors branch says she "learned more about 'Dunkirk' from five minutes of 'Darkest Hour' than I did from the whole movie 'Dunkirk,'" and was tempted to put 'Darkest Hour'…

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot: ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Is “Wrong,” ‘The Post’ Got “Over-Spielberg-ized”

A voter from the Academy's producers branch thinks 'The Florida Project' "got f---in' screwed," wishes he'd seen the Kevin Spacey version of 'All the Money in the World' and says Gary Oldman gets his…

Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #2: ‘La La Land’ “Felt a Little Light,” Barry Jenkins “Is Really a Poet”

The anonymous views of a member of the public relations branch who — this season, anyway — is not associated with any of the nominees.

Oscar Voter Reveals Her Brutally Honest Ballot: Meryl Streep “Like a Clown,” ‘La La Land’ “Not Memorable,” ‘Arrival’ “Just Sucked”

An Academy voter makes her case for 'Hell or High Water' ("It will be remembered as a true American classic"), says Emma Stone wasn't "as wonderful as people are saying," and explains why Viola Davis…