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Agency Dealmaking for Journalists Goes Into Overdrive

The business of agents turning anchors into A-listers is being boosted by growth in social media and the rise of digital media and podcasts.

Do You Have a Development Deal With Audible Yet?

The subscription platform, now powered by Amazon, is bolstering stars’ production shingles, releasing originals and boasts a greater degree of creative freedom: “We can take much more risk and say, ‘Let’s try that and let’s see.’”

‘Avatar 2’ Renews Push for 3D Format in Movie Theaters

Disney is turning to James Cameron’s sequel to reignite a format left for dead when audiences grew tired of cash-grab conversions: "Warming up 3D has to be done thoughtfully and carefully."

Streaming TV’s Next Battlefront: Free Services Seize Their Moment

While subscription-based leader Netflix stumbles, ad-based platforms like Paramount’s Pluto TV, Fox’s Tubi, Amazon’s Freevee and the Roku Channel are making moves to escape their second-tier status.

Hollywood’s COVID-19 Claims: So Far, Insurers Have the Upper Hand in Court

Companies like UTA, Live Nation, the MLB and the L.A. Lakers have taken claims to court, where insurers have generally been successful.

Massive Film Marketing Spends Are Back as Summer Tentpole Season Kicks Off

As studios roll the dice on pricey campaigns amid an ultra-competitive, jam-packed summer, the strife at Netflix only bolsters the notion that sustained promotion and an exclusive run in cinemas "builds a brand" for features.

Amid Streaming Boom, Some Companies Love Linear TV

Betting that they can’t compete with Netflix and hoping a diversified approach is more lucrative, A+E, Fox Corp. and AMC Networks are leaning into the cable bundle (and ad-supported streaming).

Netflix Staffers Voice Frustrations and Fears of Cutbacks Ahead

As the streaming giant is humbled with subscriber losses and falling stock prices, employees say they are anxious about future layoffs, smaller budgets and their stock options.

Hollywood CEO Pay: The Year of the Nine-Figure Club

Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel is in (to the tune of $300 million) and Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav returns in THR’s annual look at executive compensation.

Netflix’s Big Wake-Up Call: The Power Clash Behind the Crash

As rivals toggle between schadenfreude and fear, top creators and insiders are increasingly becoming vocal about what’s gone wrong with the streaming giant’s culture.

Are Romantic Comedies Theater-Worthy? Creatives Hear Mixed Messaging From Studios

Streaming spending turbocharged a genre that studios got nervous about bringing to cinemas, leading filmmakers and stars to guess about what it takes to keep meet-cutes on the big screen.

David Zaslav’s Warner Bros. Discovery Empire Takes Shape: Less Red Tape, More “Accountability”

As the mogul takes the helm of the newly minted Hollywood giant, the CEO makes his first big moves and signals a less formal approach: “He wants to call you … and get an answer.”