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Writers Guild East’s Crossroads: Whose Priorities Matter Most?

After Gawker became the first major digital newsroom to form a union in 2015, affiliating with the Writers Guild of America East, a wave of online journalism organizing ensued. Now, six years later

Substack Moves on Hollywood With Top Marvel, DC Writers Targeted

On Aug. 9, a shot across the bow was fired at DC Comics as star Batman writer James Tynion IV left his longtime publishing home at the WarnerMedia division for the upstart newsletter…

TikTok Creators Turn to YouTube Shorts Amid “Insane” Subscriber Growth

It started as an experiment for one creator management group: What would happen if three of their shortform creators, popular on apps like TikTok but relatively unknown on YouTube, went all in…

How the ‘Black Widow’ Battle Could Break the Mold on Hollywood Dealmaking

When Scarlett Johansson sued Disney on July 29 over her Black Widow pay, one community in Hollywood took the development especially personally: the ranks of transactional attorneys who…

SAG-AFTRA’s Election Crossroads: Who Will Lead Next?

With sitting SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris opting not to seek reelection this year after five years in the role (secretary-treasurer Camryn Manheim also won’t be running again for her

Studios Begin to Blink on Theatrical Releases Amid Delta: “I Would Have Moved Everything”

Hopes were running relatively high on studio lots across Hollywood in June. A true box office recovery seemed within sight. Executives could feel some confidence about their fall releases…

Sports Rights’ Streaming Wave May Finally End Pay-TV Bundle

Before NBCUniversal’s Olympic coverage was beamed to its Peacock app, it passed through the streamer’s digital network operations center. The Peacock DNOC, as it’s called, sits in a far corner of…

Why Hollywood Guilds Haven’t Cut Ties With a Police Union

The Writers Guild of America East triggered a surge of intra-union activism in Hollywood in June 2020 when it called for the major labor federation AFL-CIO to disassociate from a police union in…

Disney vs. Scarlett Johansson: Why “a Ton of Lawsuits” May Be Next

Let’s set aside for a moment the question of whether Scarlett Johansson has a legal leg to stand on in her fight with Disney over her compensation for Black Widow. Let’s even say she doesn’t…

Big Tech’s Advertising Boom Puts Pressure on Subscriber-Focused Services

Big Tech is driving an advertising resurgence as the country emerges from a tumultuous pandemic year that saw companies hit the brakes on their usual marketing blitzes. For the second quarter of

Black TikTok Creators Grapple With How Far to Take Strike: “Why Should We Have to Leave?”

Megan Thee Stallion’s “Thot Shit” is a near perfect blueprint for a viral TikTok dance and sound. The beat is catchy, the chorus is easy to remember, and the lyrics offer clear — and…

Does Hollywood Have an Overtime Problem?

For much of 2019, headlines across California news outlets trumpeted AB 5, the bill that its supporters hailed as righting the alleged wrongs of gig-economy workers suffering from a lack of