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Carl Icahn

HBO’s Carl Icahn Doc Director On Negotiating Terms With Financier, No “Off-Limits” Topics

When a mutual acquaintance introduced Bruce David Klein to legendary activist investor-slash-corporate raider Carl Icahn, the documentary filmmaker leaped at the opportunity. Klein, the helmer of docs on the late rocker Meat Loaf and the MIT blackjack team that took casinos for millions, says he is drawn to subjects that are “over-the-top successful” but whose […]

Carl Icahn Steps Down as Trump Special Adviser

"This will confirm our conversation today in which we agreed that I would cease to act as special advisor to the President on issues relating to regulatory reform," Icahn said in a letter addressed to the president.

Carl Icahn Selling Trump Taj Mahal Casino to Hard Rock

The sale comes four months after the billionaire investor closed it amid a crippling strike.

Carl Icahn Strikes Down Time Warner Rumors

"I am not in Time Warner, not backward, not forward. I have no shares or options," the billionaire investor says after several published reports suggest that he is making a run at the company.

Time Warner Shares Snap Six-Day Winning Streak Spurred by Takeover Talk

Rumors that Carl Icahn is accumuluating shares also may have affected the stock, but the billionaire investor told CNBC late Monday: "I don't own one share of Time Warner and it annoys me that certain speculators use my name to make profits."

Analyst: Netflix to Boast Larger Audience Than Big Four Networks Within Year

Given that Netflix is growing its audience at about 40 percent a year, it should overtake the four networks some time next year.

Lionsgate Shares Jump Amid Talk of Alibaba Deal

The stock's rise comes as a 37 percent stake is reportedly being shopped to Chinese e-commerce giant Jack Ma

Carl Icahn Calls on Apple to Vastly Increase Its Share Buyback Plans

The activist investor owns more than $5 billion of Apple stock

FBI, SEC Investigating Carl Icahn, Phil Mickelson for Insider Trading (Report)

The billionaire and golfer are the subject of a probe also looking at Las Vegas bettor Billy Walters.

Carl Icahn Spotlights Lionsgate SEC Charges in eBay Shareholder Appeal

The activist shareholder referred to "Liar Gate" when talking about the mini-studio recently paying a $7.5 million fine for wrongful investor disclosures.

Lionsgate Pays $7.5 Million to Settle With SEC

The mini-studio also admitted wrongdoing for failing to tell investors about a key strategy to thwart Carl Icahn in a takeover fight.

Sirius XM Stock Rises Amid Accusations Liberty Is Lowballing Shareholders

Among those complaining is consumer advocate and Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who owns stock in the satellite radio company.