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Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony’s Father Blames Her For Caylee’s Death

Cindy Anthony disclosed her daughter's medical condition during an interview with the daytime host on Tuesday.

Casey Anthony Prosecutor’s Book Shoots to No. 1, Publisher Promises ‘Explosive’ Details

"Imperfect Justice" by Jeff Ashton officially scheduled for Nov. 29 publication.

Casey Anthony Prosecutor Book Due In November

UPDATED: Jeff Ashton confirmed he will be the first inside player to write about the trial that captured nation's attention.

Casey Anthony’s Parents to Be Interviewed by Dr. Phil McGraw

Cindy and George Anthony will not be compensated for the appearance, but have requested that a donation be made to their new charity, "Caylee's Fund."

Casey Anthony, Spencer Pratt Are America’s Most Hated Celebrities (Poll)

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman and Jon Gosselin also make the list.

CBS News: We’ll Never Pay Casey Anthony, Apologize to Lance Armstrong

With ratings on Scott Pelley's broadcast already up over Katie Couric, Jeff Fager and David Rhodes, in the new Hollywood Reporter magazine, talk about their aggressive plans to "restore" their…

News Orgs Deny Offering Cash For Casey Anthony Interview

Reports claim that attorney Jose Baez was "holding court" with bookers from ABC, CBS and NBC.

Casey Anthony Believed to Be in California, NBC News Reports

Her whereabouts have remained a mystery since she was released from a Florida jail over the weekend.

Casey Anthony’s Jail Release: How the Networks Covered

Surprisingly, HLN didn't live broadcast her release, while CNN and MSNBC did.

Keith Ablow Previews ‘Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony’ (Exclusive)

Will offer "completely objective" forensic analysis of Casey and her family for book due later in 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict Beats Out Debt Crisis As Top TV Story Last Week

Anthony was the top newsmaker, far surpassing President Obama, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism's weekly coverage index.

Casey Anthony Virus Takes Over Facebook

A video that claims to show Anthony confessing to her lawyer is actually malware.