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Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem Taken to Medical Facility, Wife Reportedly Throws Raw Meat at Daughter (Video)

UPDATED: The feud between the veteran DJ's daughter Kerri and wife Jean flared up again on Sunday afternoon as Kerri tried to take her father to a hospital.

Casey Kasem’s Daughter Granted Visitation

The ruling added another twist to the ongoing dispute between Kasem's wife, Jean, and her stepdaughter, Kerri Kasem, who has said in legal filings that her father suffers from a form of dementia.

Casey Kasem’s Wife Ordered to Court for Authority Over DJ’s Medical Care

Jean Kasem, who has maintained control of his care and blocked three of his children from seeing him recently, had her authority temporarily suspended last week.

Casey Kasem: Authorities Suspend Wife’s Powers to Determine DJ’s Medical Care

The order also expands daughter Kerri Kasem's authority to determine whether her father is receiving adequate care.

Judge: Wife Must Allow Casey Kasem’s Daughter to See Him

The court also appointed an attorney and a doctor to determine the DJ's well being.

Officials: Casey Kasem on Vacation When Found in Washington State

A law enforcement officer in Kitsap County said the DJ "was alert, upright, dressed, groomed and cognizant of what was going on."

Casey Kasem Found in Washington State

UPDATED: "We are one step closer to bringing him home," the DJ's daughter Kerri Kasem said.

Casey Kasem: Missing Persons Report Expected Wednesday

UPDATED: The legendary DJ has been missing since around May 6.

Judge Orders Investigation Into Casey Kasem’s Location

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy ordered a court investigator and adult protective services to determine Kasem's whereabouts.