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The China Issue

How Rising Designer Fang Yang Works China’s Celebrity Clout

The Shanghai-based designer counts Chinese actresses like Angelababy and Cecilia Han as fans.

Meet China’s Next Big Fashion Designer

Carina Lau, an A-list actress in China, is making her foray into fashion with clothing line Anirac, which debuted at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Beverly Hills Hotel Hires Mandarin-Speaking Personal Shoppers Amid Chinese Tourism Boom

With an average of nearly $7,000 spent by Chinese travelers per visit to the U.S., businesses from Peninsula Beverly Hills to the Four Seasons are responding by offering specialized menus and access to China's largest mobile payment services.

China Power List: 10 Must-Know Execs for Doing Business in the Middle Kingdom

Meet the men (and, yes, they're all men) whose decisions drive the entertainment economy — film to music to digital — and who can teach Hollywood a thing or two about how to drive growth.

Hollywood and China: How to Push a Deal to Actually Close

"Legal recourse is futile," warns one top lawyer as supposedly final transactions go down in flames and insiders offer tips like bringing a personal translator and opening an offshore account: "You need to have practical leverage."

How China Consumes Movies: Breaking Down the Data

Why women rule the box office, which U.S. actors generate the most ticket sales, plus China's favorite film genres (romance is dead), and more.

iQiyi Boss on Netflix Deal, Dominating China’s Streaming Video Sector

Tim Gong Yu offers his take on Netflix's chances in the Middle Kingdom, why AI will transform the entertainment world and how he put hip-hop at the center of China's most profitable TV show ever.

No, China’s Not Over for Hollywood: Why It’s Just a “New Beginning”

Gone are the billion-dollar buyouts, the free-flowing cash and eternal optimism among Hollywood dealmakers, but a more sober and strategic approach to the world's second-biggest market is now about long-term "sustainability."

Berlin: Panorama Lineup Complete, Adds ‘Call Me By Your Name’

Luca Guadagnino 's Sundance hit joins new films from Cate Shortland and Erik Poppe in Berlin's premiere sidebar.

“Never, Ever, Ever Check” Luggage: Jeffrey Katzenberg, Rob Moore and Others Offer Advice on Traveling to China

Booking your trip to China? Take the travel advice of Jeffrey Katzenberg, Rob Moore and others on flights, hotels and even documentation.

Yes, Your Chinese Hotel Room Is Probably Bugged

So says a security expert, who notes that anything with speakers — the TV, radio and landlines — can be tapped.

Eddie Huang’s Guide on Where to Eat in Shanghai and Beijing

Chef, author and show host, Eddie Huang reveals where he goes for "one of the top five bites I've had in my life" in Shanghai and Beijing, China.