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Chris Grant

Electus Unveils Staff Promotions Across Departments

Chris Grant's studio sees promotions in marketing solutions, business affairs and international distribution.

Electus Sells BBC America, HBO Canada on ‘Iron Belly’

The period drama was created by Canadian director Jonathan Sobol and writer Jeremy Boxen and will be co-produced by Darius Films.

Electus Chiefs on Ben Silverman’s Role, Next Hot Reality Genres and Barry Diller’s 3 Pieces of Advice (Q&A)

Chris Grant and Drew Buckley open up about the "next generation" studio's ratings misfires, reality TV woes and the show they wish were theirs.

Real-Life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Shops Reality TV Show

Electus? CEO Chris Grant is planning an uplifting show that sees former financier Jordan Belfort stepping in to help others who have hit rock bottom.