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Chris Matthews

Right-Wing Anti-MSNBC Campaign Urges Subscribers to Ditch Comcast (Exclusive Video)

“By paying your Comcast cable bill, your money is helping to pay for Al Sharpton’s salary … Switch your cable provider now,” says an online video poised to become a TV commercial.

Chris Matthews Signs New Long-Term Deal with MSNBC (Exclusive)

The contract will keep him at "Hardball" through the next presidential election, but the 67-year-old will retire from his syndicated "Chris Matthews Show" in July.

Anthony Weiner Making Theatrical Debut in ‘Hating Breitbart’ Doc (Video)

The former congressman will be seen via news clips and the filmmakers are using his image to market their project.

Boston Marathon Bombing: Conservatives See Bias in TV News Coverage

Watchdog sites flag remarks by Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews and other hosts on network and cable broadcasts.

Filmmakers Ask Fans to ‘Adopt a Liberal Entertainer’ in Marketing Campaign

Whether they want them or not, actors like Sean Penn and Danny Glover could be getting DVDs of the documentary "Hating Breitbart" in their mailboxes.

L.A. Manhunt Suspect Christopher Dorner Praises CNN, MSNBC Talent in Manifesto

The fugitive ex-cop's writings also single out Charlie Sheen as being "effin awesome."

Sarah Palin, Chris Matthews Square Off Over ‘Shuck and Jive’ Obama Facebook Post

After the former Alaska governor accused the president of performing a "shuck and jive" on questions over Libya, the MSNBC host took her to task -- and elicited a strong response.

James Lipton: President Obama Was ‘Gary Cooper’ in Debate (Video)

"It was the face-off in 'High Noon,'" the "Inside the Actors Studio" host said of a much talked-about moment from Tuesday's contest.

Chris Matthews: These Aren’t Debates, It’s Reality TV

The MSNBC anchor -- and a man of great on-air passion -- tells THR that the entire event is akin to "Family Feud."

Andrew Breitbart Documentary Release Delayed Over Rating War With MPAA (Video)

"Hating Breitbart," about the media reaction to the late conservative provocateur, was given an R for its harsh language. Director Andrew Marcus submitted an edited version to the MPAA but again was denied a PG-13.

GOP’s Latest Ad Uses Video From Televised Debate (Video)

"Smirk," as the ad is known, was being touted by Rush Limbaugh and other conservative media personalities on Thursday.

2012 Democratic Convention: What the Pundits Are Saying About Bill Clinton

CNN's Wolf Blitzer said it might have been the former president's best speech, but Fox News' Brit Hume called it "loaded with all kinds of snake oil."