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Classic Reviews

‘Vertigo’: THR’s 1958 Review

In May 1958, Paramount unveiled Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo in theaters. The James Stewart and Kim Novak thriller went on to nab two nominations, for art direction and sound, at the 31st Academy Awards. The Hollywood Reporter’s review, originally titled “‘Vertigo’ Fascinating Love Story Wrapped in Mystery,” is below:  Alfred Hitchcock tops his own fabulous record […]

‘Diner’: THR’s 1982 Review

On April 2, 1982, MGM unveiled writer-director Barry Levinson’s feature debut Diner at the New York Film Festival. The movie went on to nab an Oscar nomination for screenplay at the 55th Academy Awards. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is below:  Lurking behind a rather simplistic and misleading title, MGM’s Diner is a warmly written, […]

‘The Shop Around the Corner’: THR’s 1940 Review

On Jan. 12, 1940, MGM unveiled the James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan rom-com in theaters. The underlying story, a play titled Parfumerie, later inspired the 1998 Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan film You’ve Got Mail. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review, titled “‘Shop Around the Corner’ Socko in Entertainment,” is below:  In The Shop Around the Corner MGM […]

‘Meet Me in St. Louis’: THR’s 1944 Review

On November 22, 1944, MGM unveiled Meet Me in St. Louis at its premiere in its namesake city. The film went on to nab four Oscar nominations — for cinematography, screenplay, score and “The Trolley Song” track — at the 17th Academy Awards. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is below:  It is a bit difficult […]

‘White Christmas’: THR’s 1954 Review

On Oct. 14, 1954, Paramount held the world premiere of White Christmas at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The Michael Curtiz-directed musical went on to earn an Oscar nomination for Irving Berlin song “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep” at the 27th Academy Awards. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is below:  In its first […]

‘Remember the Night’: THR’s 1940 Review

On Jan. 17, 1940, Remember the Night opened at the Paramount Theatre in Times Square, with the film grossing $45,000 in its first week “in spite of the freezing weather which cuts into all Broadway Theatre receipts,” The Hollywood Reporter noted a week later. THR’s original review of the Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray starrer, […]

‘Christmas in Connecticut’: THR’s 1945 Review

On July 27, 1945, Warner Bros. debuted the romantic comedy Christmas in Connecticut at the Strand Theatre in New York. The Hollywood Reporter‘s original review, titled “‘Christmas In Connecticut’ Should Jingle BO Bells – Sure-Fire Comedy Abounds in Credits,” is below:  Broad farce played to a fare-thee-well by Barbara Stanwyck, S.Z. Sakall, Sydney Greenstreet and […]

‘Superman’: THR’s 1978 Review

On Dec. 10, 1978, Warner Bros. unveiled Richard Donner’s Superman at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. for its premiere. The Christopher Reeve-starring film launched a big screen franchise and went on to be nominated for three Oscars (for film editing, original score and sound) at the 51st Academy Awards. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is […]

‘Star Trek – The Motion Picture’: THR’s 1979 Review

On Dec. 7, 1979, Paramount’s Star Trek — The Motion Picture hit theaters and launched the franchise on the big screen. The film, which reunited the cast of the NBC series, went on to earn three Oscar nominations (for art direction, original score and visual effects) at the 52nd Academy Awards. The Hollywood Reporter’s original […]

‘Nightmare Alley’: THR’s 1947 Review

On Oct. 9, 1947, 20th-Fox unveiled director Edmund Goulding’s film noir adaptation of Nightmare Alley, starring Tyrone Power and Joan Blondell, at its New York premiere. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review, titled “Nightmare Alley’ One of Year’s Best Shockers – Eerie Drama Hits Note of Realism,” is below:  A strikingly successful shocker as a novel, […]

‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’: THR’s 1939 Review

On Oct. 17, 1939, Frank Capra’s drama Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, starring James Stewart, premiered in the nation’s capital. The film went on to earn 11 Oscar nominations at the 12th Academy Awards, winning in the original story category. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review, titled “‘Mr. Smith Goes to Town; Due for BoxOffice Success,” […]

‘Band of Brothers’: THR’s 2001 Review

On Sept. 9, 2001, HBO premiered Band of Brothers, exec produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. The World War II ensemble series went on to nab 20 Emmy Awards nominations and 7 wins, including outstanding miniseries. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is below:  With the brilliant, realistic and compelling Saving Private Ryan still fresh […]